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I’m working on a new product line called Exploring My Options. It’s a system that will include a deck of images, workbooks and worksheets to explore a whole range of topics. Part of what I am exploring is how to bring it to market in new ways, and without printing a lot of inventory. I’m exploring licensing, digital downloads, video and print on demand.

One piece I am playing with are stories that introduce the ideas in a course. I have been painting images for this, that will also become some kind of storytelling deck. Archetypal themes, with the ability to not only explore your relationship to that story, but also offer the opportunity to rewrite it.

Right now, the images are available as prints or digital downloads for web use. If you want to see purchase options, use the add to cart button on the gallery page. It doesn’t really add anything to a cart, it shows you the options in case you are interested. Not my favorite feature of this gallery, but the prints they produce are beautiful, so I am compromising.

Heart Story

I started exploring unfolding these pictorial stories by tweeting and using my Facebook status. I did the first one last week, one panel a day. Some of the panels were in last weeks slideshow, since it started out with my exploring Valentines Day as an idea. Here is the whole thing.

Next up: The Head and the Heart

This week I’m doing a story about the Head and the Heart. I will tweet panels and post them to my Facebook page, every morning and afternoon PST. This time there is a word story too. My hope is you will follow along, and let me know what its like to have a story unfold like this. It’s all an experiment. I also invite you to tell your version of the story in the comments on the gallery pages.

If you aren’t on twitter or Facebook, you can follow along on the story page in the gallery.

If you have other ideas about how to use social media to share art, I would love to hear them . Just leave a comment below. Suggestions for how to make this idea work better are also welcome.

This is part of my commitment to Creative Every Day 2010.

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  • Dave

    Hi Christine,

    Your Heart Story is stunning. Each of the pieces are really vibrant and work well on their own.

    I also enjoyed watching the story unfold as a slideshow, it’s so dynamic. I like that you are trying out new ways to bring your products into the world. Linked images on a video seem great, giving people the ability to build their own sequences from your images could be really cool too.

    I’ll definitely keep an eye out for The Head and the Heart story this week.

    • Christine Martell

      Thanks Dave, for all your appreciation. I could see your work used this way also.

  • GirlPie

    Wonderful! I wanted to click/buy them as a set of note cards… and I love the idea that you’re creating your own sort of Taro deck — I don’t know if you know that I mean this as the highest compliment, but your works look like my favorite wrapping papers… (in a family full of painters, the canvas you choose to wrap a gift in really meant the most to us…)

    Heart on Christine ~ !


    PS: I watched/read in my email subscription and it looked great!

    • Christine Martell

      I’m looking for a card printer, unfortunately the gallery I am using doesn’t print them. You are probably seeing my textile design training— which can also be used for wrapping paper. It was my major because I was naturally good at it, even though I’ve never pursued it professionally.

      Good to know it looked good in email.

  • leah

    I love the way you’ve developed a story and share it on twitter. It makes me want to see what happens next as it develops! Putting them together as a slideshow is fabulous too.

  • pearl mattenson


    Do you know about ?

    If you do develop a workbook type thing this could be an excellent product for them to market for you as well…


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