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I’m interested in figuring out how to use social media and images to inspire conversations. I know how to use the images face to face, but I’m not sure the best way to do it online. So I am experimenting, playing with Facebook, Twitter, and my online gallery.

I learned a lot last week about tweeting links to story panels. Twice a day I would post a panel on Facebook, and put out a tweet about it. The story was about the Head & Heart, and you can see the images in this slideshow. The story itself was written into the captions on the gallery.

What I learned

I didn’t put enough words in my tweets to give people enough information about what I was doing, so they found it hard to follow. I found it hard to get a sense of what it looked like from the receiving end. Fortunately, I have followers who were willing to help me craft a better approach for another story this week. This time I have a tweet formula, which will number the parts of the story, and ask reflection questions.

My artwork is used to inspire insight and conversations. My goal is to figure out if it is possible to do the same using social media. Still not sure, but I’m certainly going to try. I hope you will help me figure out the best options.

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