Give the gift of continuing insights

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Would you like to know a simple and easy way to help your clients continue to gain insights long after your session is over?

When you use images to help people gain insights into their lives, something remarkable happens. The images, in a sense, get burned into people’s brains. It’s like they burrow down into the subconscious where they ripen like a fine wine in a big French-oak barrel!

Print or Create a PDF of Your Client's Image

Depending on how you do it, there will be either no cost to you, or so little cost as to be negligible, that there is no reason not to give your clients this precious little gift. Here is a story from one of our customers and chief evangelists about how a gift she gave to one of her clients a year ago continues to inform him.

VisualsSpeak tools continue to provide value years after the exercise. I had yet another client reach out to me and write that he recently took another look at his collage from more than a year ago. He was so impressed that it showed him he had actually accomplished EVERYTHING he set out to do in that collage! It doesn’t always work out this way, but it supports the developmental aspect of the tool. Deep values can emerge and then get realigned. It’s too cool for words – let’s use pictures!

Susanne Taylor
Culture Flow

The gift Susanne gave her client was a printed copy of the image he created in a session. By doing this, she gave her client a way to reflect on what he had done, which allowed the insights to keep surfacing over time.

You can help your clients to surface additional insights by:

  • Suggesting they print a copy of their image after a session
  • Print a copy of their image and mail it to them
  • Create a PDF document and email it to them

If you are using the ImageCenter, printing client images or creating PDF’s is really easy to do. Go to “Look At Participants’ Past Work” in the Facilitator Center. Click on the client session you want. Click “Print” in the upper right corner. When the new page opens you can either create a PDF or print it.

Your clients will appreciate this and think of you when they reflect back on your time together!


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