Group Storytelling: Once Upon a Group

 In Icebreakers


This exercise gets energy flowing by tapping into the creative side of the participants


Each participant adds one or two sentences—and an image—to the story that begins with the prompt. Each participant has 30 seconds to select an image to continue the story.


“Once upon a time, there was a group who came together to…”


Encourage participants to use their imaginations. It’s not important that they stay with reality.


There are a set of known, time-tested debriefing questions that work effectively with this process. Those are listed below. Feel free to embellish this list with other effective questions appropriate to your meeting, training, or facilitation.

  • What was the process like for you?
  • What did you notice?
  • Was there anything interesting or surprising?
  • Do you have any new insights?
  • Did you notice any patterns or trends?
  • Does anyone want to add anything else?

Included in our Visual Icebreaker Kit, the facilitator guide contains dozens of icebreakers covering a variety of outcomes — from building trust to conducting a mini-assessment.

Of course, these activities are designed to be used with the icebreaker images, but could be used reasonably well with the images in the Developing Great Leaders or Building Great Teams toolsets as well.


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