Building trust in a merger

 In Team Building

Stephanie Carroll loves change. She thrives on it. But as one of the best organizational development and change facilitators around, she knows that not everybody does. When companies call her in to help, she brings all of her experience — and a big bag of tools. One of those tools? VisualsSpeak.

Recently, Stephanie was working with two organizations that had just become one. At least in theory. Unfortunately, their leadership team was still fragmented–there was no trust on the team. They needed help.

So Carroll, knowing that using images helps people express their ideas more genuinely and in a safe way, brought out her VisualsSpeak ImageSet. She used the tool to help the team members share their personal values and their leadership values.In the rich conversation that followed, team members gained deeper understanding into their new colleagues. Carroll helped them highlight commonalities and uniqueness, and it set a tone of sharing and candid conversations for the rest of the work.

Great work, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing this effective use of the VisualsSpeak tools!


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