When Science and Art Dance

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I facilitated the Re-inventing University-level Learning Workshop at the University of Washington Bothell earlier this spring. Since then, a small group has continued to work toward creating programs and courses that reflect some of the ideas that came from the workshop. I was copied on an email to the group, where they were looking at images of science and art.

Maria Popova shared one in her post, Systemic Wonder: A Definition that Accounts for Whimsy

When I saw this image, I liked the idea of wonder emerging from the intersection, but the overlap felt too contained. It seems to be a lot more energy emerges when you bring science and art together. Almost immediately, this image popped into my head.

When science and art come together it’s more like a dance. In it’s highest expression. It takes attitudes of curiosity and wonder, and a willingness to search for the best parts of each approach. This image started an interesting project, where it spawned a series of images about this topic. I collaborated with one of our customers, Skip Walter, to uncover then design a presentation for a conference. More about that soon.


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