What do I see, what might I see?

 In Visuals

I’ve been exploring the idea of big data. Thinking about how technology can help us look at things differently. I want to be able to look at a combination of audio, video, text, and pull different threads from it. Find a series of pathways through the rich possibilities.

And I want the technology to learn. As I learn from it’s richness, or others do, I want it to get smarter.

Beyond one perspective

The most exciting thing about the idea of using technology to explore huge amounts of information is thinking about what it would be like to be able to explore patterns. To have the computer¬† identify possibilities. To be able to to explore layering and options. Allowing the computer to do what it does best, and partnering with it to bring the human elements we can not yet replicate, and that’s why we use computers all the time for working and gaming since the computers process graphics better than the consoles and you can also go online to get professional Overwatch boosting.

Discovering beyond search

I’m longing to get beyond searching for a word or phrase. I want to be able to discover or consider things that are around an idea. A tool that manages divergence rather than just providing convergence. I know I can go down digital rabbit holes, but what if I could see how those rabbit holes related to other groups of data?

How can data be searched multi-dimensionally, and more importantly, fed back in a way that is comprehensible? I know it has a lot to do with making it visual. Flexible. With a variety of lenses.


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