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I attended the World Domination Summit last weekend. It’s about changing the world by doing good, not some ulterior motive to take over. This experience is seeping in slowly. I know it has shifted something in me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. What I do know is what I planned on doing this past week no longer made sense. Yet, the new form isn’t quite here yet.

Brene Brown

Brene Brown opening keynote at WDS 2012 (credit Armosa Studios)

Brene Brown served as the opening keynote. What she said was inspiring, but her presence is what made her so effective. She’s a master at slightly leaning into the audience and conveying a sense of meeting each person where they are. Her slides were simple and well done, and complimented her presence.

Here are snippets from her talk, or at least what I heard and wrote down. Her actual words were probably slightly different. Hopefully you’ll get a sense of what she shared. If you click on them, they’ll post to your twitter account.

She also got 1000 people singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing before 10 am. Impressive.

No one belongs here more than me @BreneBrown #wds2012

What currency do we use? @BreneBrown #wds2012

Be uncool @BreneBrown #wds2012

Walking with cell phones send the message you can not talk to me @BreneBrown #wds2012

Cool is self protection @BreneBrown #wds2012

Connection is from movement @BreneBrown #wds2012

Only real currency is when we are being open  @BreneBrown #wds2012

You have to believe you are worthy @BreneBrown #wds2012

We are afraid to be open and vulnerable @BreneBrown #wds2012

Your experience cannot exceed your willingness to be vulnerable @BreneBrown #wds2012

 OK, this one is too long to tweet, but was too good to leave out:

We associate vulnerability with shame, scarcity, fear, anxiety but it is really the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, hope, empathy, curiosity, innovation, creativity, gratitude, accountability and adaptability

Vulnerability is the cradle of the most important things in our life@BreneBrown #wds2012

The opposite of scarcity is not abundance, it is enough @BreneBrown #wds2012

What I am doing is enough @BreneBrown #wds2012

Joy is the hardest emotion @BreneBrown #wds2012

When we lose our capacity for vulnerability we lose joy  @BreneBrown #wds2012

Only way to lean into joy is to be vulnerable @BreneBrown #wds2012

Joy is fleeting, but we can store it by practicing gratitude, expressing gratitude @BreneBrown #wds2012

Creativity over comparison @BreneBrown #wds2012

Unused creativity creates grief, it is not benign @BreneBrown #wds2012

DON’T GRADE ART!!!!!! @BreneBrown #wds2012

Studying trauma around learning, 50% is creativity based  @BreneBrown #wds2012

Contribution over criticism and cynicism  @BreneBrown #wds2012

At the end I want to say I contributed more than I criticized @BreneBrown #wds2012

Aim for belonging- show up to be seen, no shame, membership is shared memory moments @BreneBrown #wds2012

Avoid fitting in- adapting, do I become who they want me to be? @BreneBrown #wds2012

I accept criticism from people who are also out there in the arena getting their ass kicked. @BreneBrown #wds2012

Who you are trumps who I think you should be @BreneBrown #wds2012

Question and Answer Session

I also attended Brene’s breakout session. She took questions from the audience, and was just as amazing as she was in her prepared keynote. She captures the essence of the human condition, and speaks it authentically. I think that is why she resonates with so many people. It’s like the essence of ourselves being spoken with kindness and compassion.

Here are a few nuggets from the answers:

Fear of vulnerability leads to mistakes @BreneBrown #wds2012

In your workplace, do you get to say I don’t know? @BreneBrown #wds2012

Vulnerability is not disclosure or TMI. We share vulnerability with people who deserve it. @BreneBrown #wds2012

When people overshare it keeps people away, comes from woundedness @BreneBrown #wds2012

 Meaningful vulnerability is intimate @BreneBrown #wds2012

Shame is not embarrassment. Shame is I am bad. Correlates to addiction and depression @BreneBrown #wds2012

To develop shame resilience us the word shame. It hates being spoken. Naming and sharing cuts it. @BreneBrown #wds2012

Shame is a paralysis with feelings of not enough, never good enough, who do you think you are? @BreneBrown #wds2012

Do not speak when in shame. You can’t ignore it, it gets louder. Decide later how to deal with it. @BreneBrown#wds2012

Family of origin is where most shame buttons are set. @BreneBrown #wds2012

We shame when we are in shame @BreneBrown #wds2012

What is worth doing even if you fail? That’s who you want to be. @BreneBrown #wds2012

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