Plugging Into Your Creative Side

 In Creativity

One of the long time myths about creativity is this idea that creativity = art.  Not so.

Here’s another, only right-brained people are creative.  Also, not so.

Lefties and Righties are equally creative the only difference is the expression of that creativity.

That means that creativity is not all about art, many times it is about process.

The process of creating can be just about anything.  Of course it can be as obvious as writing, painting and composing music.

And yet there’s a forgotten side we many times overlook like just the act of throwing paint on paper no matter the outcome, maybe it’s a walk on the beach and reflecting, it could be meditation, yoga, running or journaling.  It doesn’t matter if there is a tangible outcome because what matters most is the process.  That is what leads to creativity and the practice of process can have huge implications on all those other things we do all day long that don’t feel creative.

Let’s hear Christine and Jalene talk about what creativity means to them:





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