Connecting With Your Inner You

 In Personal Growth

If you are anything like me… you probably have some really cool projects and hobbies.  My office is filled with journals and sketch books, moleskines and pastels, watercolor paper and charcoal, photos and cameras, colored pens and pencils and yes, in the corner a guitar.

My partner’s desk is filled with electronic parts and little robots, drafting paper and sketch pads, catalogs and books.

Our creative endeavors are different to be sure, but the one thing they have in common… dust.

When I do think about working on “arting” up a photo or playing with some pastels the pile of invoices on my desk reminds me that I have bills to pay, inventory to buy, calls to make and, well, work to do.

The worst part is this, as long as I’m near my desk, 24 hours a day, weekends included – the work pulls me in and keeps me from those real pleasures.

We all need away time.  The closer we are to our work space the harder it is to get that away time.

Imagine a few days of reconnecting with your inner you… Having time to remember the stuff you really love to do and do it.  Maybe just reflecting on how to incorporate it more fully.  Maybe just figure out a way to make it a bigger part of the day.  And what about all those new ideas that you jot down and never get to?  What if you had time for those?

You do.  You can.  It’s what the Women Unplugged Retreat is all about.  It’s about connecting with you, the most important person around.

Join Christine and Jalene for a weekend of reconnecting you won’t forget.

Now… just to figure out how to get the guitar and pastels in the suitcase…

Let’s hear Christine and Jalene tell us more about the connection side of the Women Unplugged Retreat.


Remember:  Early bird registration ends August 31st.  
Click here for more info and to get registered.


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