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Here’s a success story from one of our customers, Yolanda Facio from Red. Hot. Momentum

Yolanda Facio Speaks about Referral Marketing

I was pretty excited when I was recently asked to present a workshop at Pam Slim’s Power Boost Live event.  Pam asked that I give a breakout session on building a referral-based business.

I set up the 90 minute workshop to include three work sections.  I would give a small amount of content and instructions then had the participants work on that content.  The first item involved outlining a target market and differentiating statements about what set them apart from the competition.

I wanted to make sure that each person left with some usable work that could be translated into action immediately after the event.  In order to do that I knew I would need to get creative.  My workshop was in the last breakout of the day so folks had been talked at all day and were starting to get tired… as was I!

So in order to make my job easier, to ensure I would spark conversation amongst participants and get them working, I used the VisualsSpeak Image Set.

Use photos to guarantee success

Before the workshop began, I set up one table in the room with all of the images.  I used all but the smallest sizes.  I mixed them up all over the table, it looked great and generated quite a bit of interest as people entered the room.

After my introduction material I started in on the first of the work items.  I explained what I expected them to work on for the next 15 minutes.  Then I asked them to stand up, go to the table and pick out some pictures that might help them think about their target customers and what made them special as businesses.

The process was an absolute hit.  Talk about breaking the ice!

The excitement and energy at the table was great to see.  The participants engaged not only with the images but with each other.  Lots of conversation and most importantly laughter and smiles.  I had beat the afternoon slump.

My experience using the images and the feedback I received after will definitely ensure I include the images in all types of workshop formats.  There are just too many benefits not to.

One woman who had tried to work on a target market description in the past said that it finally all just came to her.  She credited my workshop.  Secretly I credit the images.  She was not alone in the assessment that “things just clicked” during the workshop.  As a result I received lots of “thank you’s” after the event.

I couldn’t be more pleased!


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