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One of our favorite things is hearing how our customers use Visualsspeak, esp when they do it in a creative way.  Here’s a note we got this week describing how a community are using the images in prayer.

Dear VisualsSpeak Team,

Greetings from Chicago! I have been very happy with all the materials I purchased from VisualsSpeak in two separate orders, and I wanted to write you to tell you about one of the ways we used them.

I live in a Christian community of 16 people and we pray twice a day. Normally we use some form of Scriptural prayer but we are open to other prayer styles and last week I decided to use some of the VisualSpeak photos for evening prayer.

I spread them out on our prayer table and when the community members entered the prayer space, we recalled the presence of God and then I gave them the following instructions:

There is a collection of photo-images on the table. Some are self explanatory. Others are more evocative and invite the viewer to imagine and explore more deeply.
• Choose a photo that evokes a response in you, that suggests something about our life together in our community for the second semester.
• Reflect on it for a moment and be prepared to pray what you desire for us at the moment of bidding prayers.
• Show your photo to everyone, and as you set it down on the table, explain your choice, and pray your intention.

The participants were very taken with the images and spent some time choosing the one they wanted to pray about. Most of them chose photos that were symbolic rather than self explanatory. It was fascinating to hear how the images moved all of us to a deeper understanding of our relationships in an intentional Christian community and our projection to the broader community around us. Though none of the images was explicitly religious, the inherent sacramental quality of our world became evident as we prayed.

Your website states that the images can be used for Personal, Professional and Organizational development, and you probably did not intend the use to which we put these images. Nevertheless, they also helped us to focus our community development and to sharpen our perception of God’s presence in our lives.

I have appreciated the prompt and personal service and hope to continue our relationship in the future. I will also recommend your images to other teachers and members of our communities.

Michael G. French

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us Michael. What a beautiful way to use the pictures.


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