Expressing Love

 In Personal Growth

Nothing shows us how each of us expresses and experiences emotion differently quite like Valentine’s Day. So many expectations, hopes, dreams fueled by marketing and cultural stories.

What if we do it differently?

When I strip away all the media hype, I like the idea of taking time to intentionally focus on the love in our lives. To stop and appreciate the simple as well as the profound. How can we do this with images?

First, don’t make it harder than it needs to be. I know I can get concerned my creative expression isn’t good enough to truly represent how I feel. Or that if I try to write something it comes off as corny or mushy or just plain weird sounding.

Try visuals

Any of the VisualsSpeak tools can be used to show someone appreciation. Or you can gather photos from magazines. Spend a few moments thinking about a person in your life. Quickly thumb through photos selecting those that say something about what you love about that person. Arrange them on a piece of paper (you don’t need to glue them down, you can just snap a quick photo with your cell phone.)  If the person is there in person, you can just tell them the story of your image.  If they aren’t you can write out a description, record a quick audio or video to send with the image.

Don’t fuss over it! The faster you do this, the more what you pick will come from a core place. Speaking from the heart touches other people, with all its imperfections. The essence of your feelings can shine through.

Appreciate each other

You can do this with other people as a powerful way to speak things to each other we don’t always take the time to say. With a partner, you can make images about each other. With a larger family, you can make images about the person sitting to your right. Same with a group of friends.

Keep it simple

image expressing love Here is an image I did using the Exploring New Options set for my husband. It took less than five minutes to arrange and photograph. Some of the things I love about him:

– love of nature
– spiritual connection and practice
– ability to play and laugh
– coexists with differences
– willingness to do things differently
– his ground to my air

I can share this with him (and in this case the world here on the blog), but it can also be the start to a conversation. He can ask for more details, or clarifications. It can be a way to deepen our connection.

Express love often

None of us can get too much love. Bring it into your life and the lives around you by keeping it simple. Expressing it in multiple ways. Taking a few moments at any opportunity you find. It can take 30 seconds or a few minutes, but can make a difference way beyond the effort it takes.


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