Christine Martell

VisualsSpeak was born in a moment of fury. I had been doing experiential facilitation using creative methods for 15 years when I went back to graduate school. Early on I was called into a professor’s office who declared I had to accept that the only thing that was going to be acceptable to show my competence was to:

Write Linear Papers

I’m sure I looked furious, I still remember feeling like I had been hit by a lightning bolt. She continued on to say, “it’s the only thing I know how to assess.”

From that moment on, I became obsessed with creating a bridge between the verbal and the visual. To show not only that you can show competency in multiple ways, but that you can use the strengths of the visual to enhance the verbal.

I am an artist first, but at this point I create only to serve the higher purpose of creating tools to enhance communication.

I’ve been facilitating for over 25 years. VisualsSpeak started in 2005. I have a BFA with a concentration in textiles from Rhode Island School of Design, MS Secondary, Adult and Continuing Education from Portland State University and an assortment of certificates. But really, I have learned from a lifetime of watching how people respond to different ways of knowing.

Tom Tiernan

Photography is the poetry of a moment. It is the art of listening deeply where even night can be coaxed into grudgingly revealing its secrets.

Each blade of grass, ray of sun, and shadow traversing the earth has a story to tell. As the light changes, new chapters are added, truth is revealed and mysteries deepen.

Look closely and you will hear a story.

I first started taking pictures as a little boy when my mother gave me a Kodak Instamatic. I photographed all of the classics such as friends, family, and places. There was also the unusual like the entrails of fish I had caught. No subject was sacred.

Since then, a camera has always been in easy reach. In my travels, I have photographed everything from Mayan ruins to modern cityscapes. I have a fond affection for landscapes and anything to do with water.

My passion for photography melded gracefully with my work at VisualsSpeak, because I have always known the power that pictures have in evoking stories, engaging viewers and helping people make meaning of their world.

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