Using Visuals to Facilitate Meetings

This is a guest post by Onno Kruitwagen, a VisualsSpeak customer from the Netherlands.  Fun, surprising, personal and profound Recently, I learned firsthand that using visuals in facilitated meetings can be fun, surprising, personal  and profound. I would like to share my experiences with you, and give some pointers as well. Last year, I was […] Click to continue reading »

VisualsSpeak ImageSet as a Diagnosis Tool

Recently we received a success story from a customer in Argentina, Gabriel Pardi. He owns an organizational development and facilitation company called TecnoBiz. This is the report he sent.  I had a great experience using the ImageSet as a diagnosis tool. I had to facilitate the reorganization of the security and environment area (CASS) of […] Click to continue reading »

Ride Connection’s vision for their new space

Ride Connection is a wonderful organization based in Portland, Oregon that provides responsive, accessible transportation options for those in need. Soon they will be moving into their own new building into a condominium surrounded by housing options for seniors and others who use their services. It’s in a renewing neighborhood where they have not been […] Click to continue reading »

Expressing Love

Nothing shows us how each of us expresses and experiences emotion differently quite like Valentine’s Day. So many expectations, hopes, dreams fueled by marketing and cultural stories. What if we do it differently? When I strip away all the media hype, I like the idea of taking time to intentionally focus on the love in […] Click to continue reading »