Plugging Into Your Creative Side

One of the long time myths about creativity is this idea that creativity = art.  Not so. Here’s another, only right-brained people are creative.  Also, not so. Lefties and Righties are equally creative the only difference is the expression of that creativity. That means that creativity is not all about art, many times it is […] Click to continue reading »

Wrestling with Creativity

I was recently asked to develop a non-credit certificate program on creativity and innovation in business. It’s very early in the process, there aren’t a lot of limitations yet. I started by looking around online for discussions about creativity and asking questions of my network. I’m looking for input from as many people as possible. […] Click to continue reading »

Marketing 101

I’ve been reading some interesting material by Robert Middleton on how to market a service company. Even though its about service companies, the concepts apply to product companies. VisualsSpeak is actually both a service and a product company. As I write this my partner, Christine, is facilitating a 2 day retreat for an executive management […] Click to continue reading »