Everyone Is Creative

  In reading the new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer, I was struck by a story about an incurable brain disease. And, like someone was trying to send me a message, the [...]


Plugging Into Your Creative Side

One of the long time myths about creativity is this idea that creativity = art.  Not so. Here’s another, only right-brained people are creative.  Also, not so. Lefties and Righties are [...]


Using images to celebrate birthdays

Would you like to have a quick and easy way to make birthday greetings for Facebook and email? I’ve been using our ImageCenter to do just that. [flowplayer [...]


Nurturing creativity

Early phases of becoming an artist There have been a few people in my life who have played a significant role in nurturing my creativity. My high school art teacher, Miss Keary, is one of the [...]


Wrestling with Creativity

I was recently asked to develop a non-credit certificate program on creativity and innovation in business. It’s very early in the process, there aren’t a lot of limitations yet. I [...]


Marketing 101

I’ve been reading some interesting material by Robert Middleton on how to market a service company. Even though its about service companies, the concepts apply to product companies. [...]


Where do you learn?

As I’ve been thinking about the significant influences over the years that have contributed to VisualsSpeak, I’m noticing a pattern. Many of the people who have been influential have [...]