Using Visuals to Facilitate Meetings

This is a guest post by Onno Kruitwagen, a VisualsSpeak customer from the Netherlands.  Fun, surprising, personal and profound Recently, I learned firsthand that using visuals in facilitated meetings can be fun, surprising, personal  and profound. I would like to share my experiences with you, and give some pointers as well. Last year, I was […] Click to continue reading »

VisualsSpeak ImageSet as a Diagnosis Tool

Recently we received a success story from a customer in Argentina, Gabriel Pardi. He owns an organizational development and facilitation company called TecnoBiz. This is the report he sent.  I had a great experience using the ImageSet as a diagnosis tool. I had to facilitate the reorganization of the security and environment area (CASS) of […] Click to continue reading »

Can an Image Paint a Thousand Words?

Here’s what’s interesting about the brain.  It relies on memories to develop our values and belief systems. I had to think about that at first because my initial reaction was, don’t I decide what I believe?  Nope.  My brain has an active role in determining what I believe based on what I remember.  Of course […] Click to continue reading »

Building Better Client Engagement

Building Your Practice One Deck At A Time  Fear. It’s one of the biggest barriers to growing a business, organization, team or department.  We want to keep much of what we know, our expertise, close to the vest.  But failure to share means failure to expand and move beyond what exists right now into what […] Click to continue reading »

A New Facilitator tries VisualsSpeak

We hear from facilitators all the time who are using the VisualsSpeak toolset — but usually it is from experienced practitioners. Recently, though, we heard of an experience by someone brand-new to the tools and to facilitation! Learning by participating He was working with a group in his organization on planning a conference, and they […] Click to continue reading »

Making your training stickier

Good interventions, whether training, coaching, facilitation, or something else, aren’t one-time events. To be most effective, they need to have an ongoing component that helps participants apply what they learned. A great way to do this with the VisualsSpeak tools is through the creation of artifacts–pieces that the participant can take away with them for […] Click to continue reading »