Why do you need icebreakers?

Have you participated in more than your share of bad icebreakers? Those introductory exercises that happen when someone wants to get a group engaged. Ones where you just want it to be over fast? We have too, which is why we were determined to create something different. What’s the purpose of an icebreaker? Icebreakers serve […] Click to continue reading »

Group Storytelling: Once Upon a Group

Purpose: This exercise gets energy flowing by tapping into the creative side of the participants Process: Each participant adds one or two sentences—and an image—to the story that begins with the prompt. Each participant has 30 seconds to select an image to continue the story. Prompt: “Once upon a time, there was a group who […] Click to continue reading »

Stop whining and see alternatives

Everyday we hear stories about how stressed our customers organizations are. Continuous change, resource limitations, and uncertainty are the themes that are constant companions. What is whining all about? One concern is that if you let people talk, all they will do is whine.  There are other ways to look at it.  Whining happens when […] Click to continue reading »

Visual Icebreaker: Today's Hope for the Meeting

Purpose: This icebreaker gets people to talk about what they want out of the session, and to add their concerns
 to the process. They can also weigh everyone’s views and hopefully accommodate these other opinions. Choose a prompt. This may seem like a quick and obvious step, but actually, it is by far the most […] Click to continue reading »