Creating ripples of impact in the world

It’s hard to know where you might make impact in your life, and how you might do it. Often it’s little things that slowly ripple out and take unexpected twists and turns. Using images in Africa VizPeep Mari Alexander is a therapist, physician assistant, intercultural consultant and Mom to two teenage boys. She’s also the […] Click to continue reading »

Culture Matters: What retirees at Fukushima nuclear plant can teach us

What would you say to me if I was retired and enjoying my golden years and I told you that I felt it was my duty to go work in the nuclear plant I use to work in where I would most likely die a horrible death due to radiation poisoning? Would you understand; be […] Click to continue reading »

Stories from Africa

Part 1: Sending Visual Tools to Africa Part 2: Adjusting images for Africa Part 3: Safe Passage to Motherhood 2010 The Safe Passage to Motherhood (SPM) team were met at the airport by Emily when they arrived in Kenya. Emily acted as a translator during training, and takes responsibility for much of the communication between […] Click to continue reading »

Saving lives with images

We have amazing customers. People who are passionate about facilitating conversations that matter and making a difference in the lives of those around them. During this season of giving, I wanted to share a little piece of how our colleague Mari Alexander is giving back, and invite you to join us in supporting the work […] Click to continue reading »