Expressing Love

Nothing shows us how each of us expresses and experiences emotion differently quite like Valentine’s Day. So many expectations, hopes, dreams fueled by marketing and cultural stories. What if we do it differently? When I strip away all the media hype, I like the idea of taking time to intentionally focus on the love in […] Click to continue reading »

Connecting With Your Inner You

If you are anything like me… you probably have some really cool projects and hobbies.  My office is filled with journals and sketch books, moleskines and pastels, watercolor paper and charcoal, photos and cameras, colored pens and pencils and yes, in the corner a guitar. My partner’s desk is filled with electronic parts and little […] Click to continue reading »

Using images for personal development

Using images is a great way to get past the places of stuck. You know the times when you try looking at a particular situation or problem from many angles and no solutions emerge? Doing an exercise with photographs can help you tap into your inner wisdom and get past the place of stuck. Here […] Click to continue reading »