Creating Sustainable Marketing Practices

In late October we started looking at how we create content for social media. Making a list of all the places we were posting was a wake up call. It was taking a huge amount of effort, and the [...]


Creating content for social media

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. I was feeling badly about it, so I started to look deeper at why it was happening. It’s certainly not for lack of things to talk about. [...]


Learning Styles- Fact or Fiction?

NPR had a segment recently, Think You’re An Auditory Or Visual Learner? Scientists Say It’s Unlikely The point is that the idea of learning styles does not hold up in scientific [...]


Swimming with Great White Sharks

I just got back from a trip to the East Coast to visit with some friends. I spent a few days on Cape Cod and on one of these days I went to Lighthouse Beach in Chatham. This area is getting a [...]


Instructional Design Guru for iphone

Connie Malamed has released a new reference and performance support app for instructional designers. It defines 450 terms all related to developing learning. Here’s what Instructional [...]


Marketing Intentions versus Customer Realities

Intention I ‘ve had great plans of all the inspiring blog posts I would write. Interviews with people who are using visual tools to gain insight. Posts where I would share what I know about [...]


Meeting online contacts face to face

I attended a conference last weekend where there were a number of people who I know online. I’ve been on various private forums with them. We are connected on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. I [...]

Sharing your gift

I joined five hundred enthusiastic world changing types at the World Domination Summitt this weekend. It was a fabulous conference and you’ll be seeing pieces of what I learned in the [...]


Review of Living the Good Life

I find Charlie Gilkey to be a fascinating person. In a Barbara Walters kind of fascinating. Why? Because he’s really different than many people who I have met in the creative realm. He [...]


Gary Woodill on The Mobile Learning Edge

Recently, Christine sat down with Gary Woodill to talk about his new book. Here's a snippet and a link to more.


Shop Your Wardrobe

Jill Chivers is a woman with a mission. A self confessed shopaholic, she just completed a year without clothes shopping. Now she’s determined to help others whose shopping has gotten out of [...]


Gathering the core tribe

A few months ago one of my core customers/supporters/coaches/friends asked what might seem to be a simple question: Who are the people who care if your business (VisualsSpeak) lives or dies? It [...]


Love Note to Sun Gold Farm

Today was the final pickup of my 2010 CSA share from Sun Gold Farm. I’m sad. I enjoyed getting my bag of veggies each week. It inspired me to eat healthier, cook more creatively, and eat a [...]


Feeding a picky cat

Do your pets reflect you? In my house, the girl cats are chunky and the boy is not. Very much like me and my husband. Several months ago, we decided the cats were going on a diet, so we switched [...]


How Conferences Alienate Presenters

Here's a quick list of six ways that you, as a conference organizer, can annoy presenters.


What’s our role in preventing bullying?

Ellen DeGeneres made a video about the most recent rash of bullying that has resulted in the death of gay teens. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve thought about it, since I have [...]

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