Finding your Presentations Story

Skip Walter was asked to present at the Institute of Design Strategy Conference on May 9-10, 2012. The requested topic was to describe how human centered design was used in a company he had [...]


Storytelling in business

Review of No Story No Fans by Raf Stevens I recently came across the work of Raf Stevens, and he sent me an advance copy of his new book, No Story No Fans for review. I’ve been slowly [...]


Can Our Stories Hold Us Back?

Sometimes the personal identity stories that we tell about ourselves can be the greatest impediment to creating the change in our lives that we want to make. The kinds of stories I’m talking [...]


Getting Beyond The Stories

In this excerpt from an interview, Christine talks about using images to get beyond our regular stories.


The Miracle in July

I went to Wordcamp Portland this past weekend. My favorite session was with Michelle Anderson on Using the Apture Plugin to Tell Interactive Stories. The Miracle in July is her [...]


Who inspires you?

Life is frustrating at times. Something that really helps get through times of discouragement is having people in my life who inspire me. Maggie and Mari Alexander inspire me. I’ve written [...]


Star Story: A visual tale about encountering difference

Earthbound Scattered Finding Gathering Growing Encounter Interaction Sharing Interpreting Reacting \ Shattering Healing Inquiring Imagining Reframing Reflection Questions Here are some questions [...]


Continuing to tweet stories

I’m interested in figuring out how to use social media and images to inspire conversations. I know how to use the images face to face, but I’m not sure the best way to do it online. [...]


Tweeting Stories

I’m working on a new product line called Exploring My Options. It’s a system that will include a deck of images, workbooks and worksheets to explore a whole range of topics. Part of [...]


What’s your story?

Christine and I were inspired by something we read recently about how to involve a community of people and businesses in donating to non-profits doing exceptional work. This is what we came up [...]


VizThink Challenge: What else can we see in the data?

This is part of a series of posts about the VizThink Challenge. Previous posts have covered how the challenge came about, an overview, what images were used, and what the words tell us. Other [...]


VizThink Challenge: What the words tell us

The VizThink Challenge offered Artrain a chance to have three facilitators using three different visual techniques work on an organizational challenge as part of the VizThink 08 conference. Forty [...]


VizThink Challenge: Which images were used and why it matters

The VizThink Challenge engaged close to 400 visual thinkers attending VizThink 08 to work on an organizational challenge with Artrain USA. Forty table groups participated in the VisualsSpeak part [...]


VizThink Challenge: Overview

At VizThink 08, we participated in a challenge to assist Artrain with an organizational challenge. They are transitioning from using trains to specially designed trucks to bring their exhibits [...]


Artrain’s challenge

As part of the VizThink 08 conference, philanthropic partners were selected to take part. One of those selected was Artrain USA. For thirty seven years Artrain has brought artwork to rural [...]


John, Yoko, peace and images

Garr Reynolds over at Presentation Zen reminded me that today is the twenty seventh anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Garr was not very far from where I am now in Oregon when he heard, I [...]

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