The Miracle in July

I went to Wordcamp Portland this past weekend. My favorite session was with Michelle Anderson on Using the Apture Plugin to Tell Interactive Stories. The Miracle in July is her semi-autobiographical genre bending interactive story. I’m fascinated on multiple fronts. On the technical side, the Apture plugin for WordPress offers all sorts of exciting possibilities for […] Click to continue reading »

Star Story: A visual tale about encountering difference

Earthbound Scattered Finding Gathering Growing Encounter Interaction Sharing Interpreting Reacting \ Shattering Healing Inquiring Imagining Reframing Reflection Questions Here are some questions you might consider reflecting on. I’d love to hear any answers you’d like to share in the comments below. Have you ever felt separated from your real people? How have you found the […] Click to continue reading »

Tweeting Stories

I’m working on a new product line called Exploring My Options. It’s a system that will include a deck of images, workbooks and worksheets to explore a whole range of topics. Part of what I am exploring is how to bring it to market in new ways, and without printing a lot of inventory. I’m […] Click to continue reading »

What’s your story?

Christine and I were inspired by something we read recently about how to involve a community of people and businesses in donating to non-profits doing exceptional work. This is what we came up with. Your input about our approach would be greatly appreciated. We are inviting the VisualsSpeak Community to donate to a good cause. […] Click to continue reading »