Deepening Strategic Visioning

In a recent visioning session, long-time client Valerie used the ImageSet to help bring focus to a group of nurses who were getting stuck. The nurses were trying hard to get away from their stock answers and needed something to spark some creativity and renew focus. Using the VisualsSpeak tools, Valerie asked the nurses to […] Click to continue reading »

Building Great Teams One Image at a Time

What do pinterest, tumbler and facebook have in common with VisualsSpeak? Images.  Visuals.  Pictures. Over the last year, we’ve seen the popularity of visuals rise.  From Pinterest to infographics, images are everywhere. The reason is simple.  Images are highly effective. That’s what makes VisualsSpeak tools so powerful. The ability to “paint a thousand words” in […] Click to continue reading »

Building trust in a merger

Stephanie Carroll loves change. She thrives on it. But as one of the best organizational development and change facilitators around, she knows that not everybody does. When companies call her in to help, she brings all of her experience — and a big bag of tools. One of those tools? VisualsSpeak. Recently, Stephanie was working […] Click to continue reading »