The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide Review

How to use your listening, thinking, and drawing skills to make meaning. Visual communication can be daunting. Most people don’t learn the foundations in school. Even if you go to art [...]


Can an Image Paint a Thousand Words?

Here’s what’s interesting about the brain.  It relies on memories to develop our values and belief systems. I had to think about that at first because my initial reaction was, don’t I decide what [...]


What do I see, what might I see?

I’ve been exploring the idea of big data. Thinking about how technology can help us look at things differently. I want to be able to look at a combination of audio, video, text, and pull [...]


When Science and Art Dance

I facilitated the Re-inventing University-level Learning Workshop at the University of Washington Bothell earlier this spring. Since then, a small group has continued to work toward creating [...]


What do images mean?

Many people want us to tell them what the images we use mean. Or what the arrangements mean. Here’s the thing. After watching thousands of people tell us what the same images mean to them, [...]


Why Use Images?

How do the images get such better results than traditional verbal-only or verbal+writing approaches? What are the benefits of using images?


VisualsSpeak versus Collage

When people see the VisualsSpeak process for the first time, or they look at our web site, one question that often comes up is about how it differs from collage. One artifact of the VisualsSpeak [...]


Eliciting Meaning Through Visuals…and Pantyhose?

In a recent interview, Christine draws the link between VisualsSpeak and pantyhose.


Where Data and Visuals Meet

We're big fans of infography. Here's why you should be, too.


Power of Visual Communication

If you missed my December 9 Webinar about the Power of Visual Communication, you can view the full program here. In the webinar, I talk about some of the many uses for the VisualsSpeak ImageSet. [...]


More about seeing color differently

My last post Seeing Color Differently inspired by realizing Kevin can’t see my favorite iphone game generated a interesting comment string. Cathy Moore said “color alone isn’t a [...]

Seeing color differently

Kevin Jones was stuck in an all day meeting, twittering on his iphone. I tweeted back that he should be playing iphone games. Long story short, I suggested one of my favorites for boring meetings [...]


What Makes a Visual Thinker?

VizThink is a community of visual thinkers. What does this really mean? Tom Crawford, the CEO of VizThink recently joined me using the VisualsSpeak ImageSet to explore this in two video podcasts. [...]


Using visuals to discover deep metaphors

I’ve recently read, Marketing Metaphoria: What Deep Metaphors Reveal About the Minds of Consumers. Written by Professor Emeritus from Harvard, Gerald Zaltman and his son Lindsay, it is an [...]


Visual business cards

I attended a workshop last week sponsored by the Senior Forum of ASTD-Cascadia, Improve New Hire Productivity Using Visual Thinking. It was facilitated by Barrie Levinson, the Director of [...]

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