Deepening Strategic Visioning

In a recent visioning session, long-time client Valerie used the ImageSet to help bring focus to a group of nurses who were getting stuck. The nurses were trying hard to get away from their stock answers and needed something to spark some creativity and renew focus. Using the VisualsSpeak tools, Valerie asked the nurses to […] Click to continue reading »

Can an Image Paint a Thousand Words?

Here’s what’s interesting about the brain.  It relies on memories to develop our values and belief systems. I had to think about that at first because my initial reaction was, don’t I decide what I believe?  Nope.  My brain has an active role in determining what I believe based on what I remember.  Of course […] Click to continue reading »

Trademark Issued for VisualsSpeak

Christine Martell and Tom Tiernan, owners of VisualsSpeak LLC, are pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Certificate of Registration for the trademark VisualsSpeak. VisualsSpeak® Reg. No. 3,435,236 Registered May 27, 2008 Owners’ Response Co-owner Tiernan ‘s response was to say “Now we are finally in a position […] Click to continue reading »

VisualsSpeak ImageSet Receives US Copyright Approval

Christine Martell and Tom Tiernan, co-owners of VisualsSpeak LLC, are pleased to announce that the ‘VisualsSpeak ImageSet’ has been awarded a copyright from the United States Copyright Office. (Registration Number VA0001414349) The VisualsSpeak ImageSet is a collection of 200 evocative photographs (gloss-laminated for durability), a 52-page User Manual and Carrying Case. The ImageSet, along with […] Click to continue reading »