Using VisualsSpeak images

It seems like every day, we hear from members of the VisualsSpeak community about another interesting and innovative way folks are using the toolset.

Here are some of the more common ways the tools are used:

Personal Development

Careers. VisualsSpeak provides insights for individuals who want to pursue their true career. The tools can help unlock deep truths that might otherwise remain hidden. This information is revealed to individuals in a fun, non-threatening way, helping them to form future goals that resonate more clearly with their true inner desires.

Counseling. Visuals help people tell stories. Not just any stories, but those that may be less conscious than the ones we are used to telling with words. Counselors who use our tools report they are able to get to the heart of the matter faster, which helps them be more effective with their clients.

Personal Growth. It can be hard to see ourselves and what we need to do to make changes in our lives. Visuals help by giving us other ways of looking at things, and accessing a deeper wisdom we hold inside.

Professional Development

Breaking the Ice. Banish horrible icebreakers forever! Using visuals allows you to align the icebreaker with the reason you are there. No more awkwardness and time wasting activities.

Team Building. VisualsSpeak fosters deeper understanding among team members, closely aligning teams in a common direction. Facilitating with the tools can help to identify the strengths of each team member while uncovering the overall strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Leadership Development. Leadership is an ongoing personal development process that shifts as an individual moves through the levels of organizations. VisualsSpeak helps by giving participants a way to think more deeply and strategically about all the various parts of leadership and their relationship to them.

Conflict Resolution. VisualsSpeak helps to mediate conflicts and address specific organizational challenges such as team rifts, low employee morale and conflicts between two or more people. Facilitation with the tools is a nonthreatening way to help identify the ideal work environment employees envision and then make the changes needed to bring about that environment.

Diversity and Inclusion. VisualsSpeak promotes diversity and helps to foster greater intercultural awareness. Working with the images helps expose the commonalities and differences between team members. It also demonstrates the core values that exist within different cultures.

Organizational Development

Strategic Visioning. VisualsSpeak enables teams to create a more compelling strategic vision than is possible by simply writing a vision statement. Using the tools can reveal your team goals, but also peeling back the core values needed to inspire your team to action.

Transitions and Change. It’s really hard to get people to change, but we are being asked to do it all the time. Whether it is another change initiative, or responding to a market challenge, our organizations are in a constant state of flux. Visuals help by inspiring people to see new visions and directions, get aligned and move forward together.

Storytelling. The story of the value of storytelling in business is showing up in books, magazines and blogs. Sounds great, but how do you find those stories that can be so powerful? Can be difficult when you just ask, but very easy when you ask people to select visuals. Suddenly everyone is a storyteller, and the common themes become evident quickly and easily.


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