VisualsSpeak ImageSet

 VisualsSpeak ImageSet

The ImageSet is our most versatile facilitation tool, with 200 images in four different sizes. Geared for more intermediate to advanced facilitators, the toolset comes with a User Manual with a general overview of the method, the session process, and the potential applications of the set.Used most often for strategic visioning, the ImageSet can be used in a wide variety of other applications, including conflict and intercultural communication.

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Visual icebreaker kit

Visual Icebreaker Kits

Specifically tested for use as icebreakers, these collections of 36 photographic images can be used with new groups that are getting to know one another or long-formed groups that are focusing on new activities or want to deepen relationships.The accompanying manual has specific exercises for Making Introductions, Building Trust, Conducting a Mini-assessment, Sparking Engagement, and Getting Alignment. There are additional suggestions for energizers and reflections as well.

There are three different sets available,the original,  the 2015, and 2016.

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Exploring New Options deck

Exploring New Options

Ideal for use by coaches, counselors, and others working on personal development, this collection has 45 images — both paintings and photographs.The guidebook has an overview of how to use the set for Exploring Identity, Exploring Values, Exploring Passion, Exploring Purpose, Exploring Strengths, and Exploring Challenges. Learn More  





Building Great Teams System

Ideal for those who want to use VisualsSpeak with teams or groups. Includes images with a self-paced online class with live office hour calls. Learn More  





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