Do you help others with their personal growth?

People usually come to you with an idea of what they want to accomplish, but there is always more to the story. It takes time to unravel the puzzle with a lot of twists and turns along the way. There are many questions to be answered:

  • What are their strengths?
  • Is their view of themselves realistic?
  • Are their values aligned with their goals?
  • Are there mental/ emotional barriers that need overcoming to be successful?
  • What do they need to take the next step?
  • And the list goes on…

The quicker and more precisely you can unravel the client’s story, the faster you can help them accomplish their goals.

Get these questions answered fast!

We have a tried and true method that will help you:

  • Quickly establish rapport
  • Surface your client’s values
  • Connect the dots of your client’s story
  • Get the info you need without appearing to pry
  • Build trust with your client

And most of all, a method that makes you look good, because breakthroughs happen routinely.

Exploring New Options – A tool for personal transformation

Exploring New Options is a tool used by professionals to accelerate their clients’ personal and professional growth processes. It is part of our family of visual-based facilitation products, which are used every day to help individuals and organizations solve their most pressing problems.

Reframing the story

Every individual has a story about who they are and how they came to be. In order to grow, people need to see their story more clearly, so that they can identify the parts that serve them and discard the parts that are holding them back.

Exploring New Options will help your clients examine their stories in a way they haven’t before — and get the insights they need to reframe their stories in ways that move them forward.

If you want to help someone make changes to their life, you have to help them change the story that defines their life.

What is this tool?

There are two parts to Exploring New Options: a user guide and an image deck.

User Guide

The User Guide is designed to help you create exercises that give your clients a more in-depth look at their personal story and to explore the vision and possibilities of their lives. It is divided into six focus areas that people typically need to look at when wanting to make changes.

  • Exploring Identity
  • Exploring Values
  • Exploring Passion
  • Exploring Purpose
  • Exploring Strengths
  • Exploring Challenges

The User Guide gives you step-by-step exercises for each of these areas, including suggestions on how to assess which areas will benefit your clients most and debriefing questions for when the exercise is done. Once you learn the basics, you can quickly tailor the exercises to the specific needs of your clients.

Image Deck

The image deck contains 45 paintings and photographs chosen for their ability to stimulate people on the conscious and unconscious levels, which helps them make connections to their life story as it exists now and get the insights they need to move forward.

Why use images?

Think of a time when you were part of a group of people being shown someone’s photos of their family or of a vacation. What happened? Questions were asked. Comments were added. Then people started telling stories of their own. They may have recalled events from long ago or told stories of their own adventures. Experiences were shared and connections were made.

Through years of testing and research we super-charged this scenario and made it more applicable to a broad range of processes. The end result for you is more revelatory insights than words-alone processes could ever deliver.

What is the process?

This process is simple to learn, easy to apply and best of all, not much different than what you are already doing. You can use it for intakes and assessments, reviewing the client’s progress at any given point, personal visioning, creating action plans and looking at next steps. And it is easy enough to use that you can send your clients home with the tool to do work on their own.

Based on your assessment of the client’s needs, you select a question that the client will focus on while quickly selecting images that ‘speak’ to him or her about the question. Your client arranges the images in any way that makes sense to them. This part of the process should not take any longer than 5 minutes to complete.

The client then tells the story of the images they chose. When they are finished, you help them delve deeper and make more connections to the story by asking questions about what they have said. Once you understand the process, the ways you can apply it become virtually limitless.

You’ll hear the excitement

At the end of a visual exercise, you’ll hear the excitement in your clients’ voices as they get more insights into their situation. People tend to get energized by these processes, because they come away with a clearer understanding of what they need to do. This increased energy helps to propel them forward and instills the confidence that they can succeed.

See what others have to say about the VisualsSpeak approach.

  • User Guide
  • Image Deck


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