Want an incredibly versatile facilitation tool?

  • Generate ideas today to solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Get people participating from the first minute
  • Quickly surface the values within the group
  • Build trust and respect among participants
  • Embed team building throughout every process
  • Help people embrace transition and change
  • Explore conflict in a safe way
  • Look really, really good with the people that matter

Introducing the VisualsSpeak ImageSet

When it comes to facilitating group processes that are engaging, productive and help people take leaps in their thinking, the ImageSet is about to become your new best friend. Our unique approach uses photographs to interrupt the stories that people always tell, which keeps them stuck, and help them get to meaningful solutions.

The ImageSet contains 200 photographs that have been extensively tested and used across a broad spectrum of processes. Not just any photos, though — we spent years testing and analyzing thousands of images to understand the underlying visual language and how that can move conversations forward, get people engaged, and help spark new ideas and understandings.

A User Manual is included that gives you an overview of our method and has specific examples of how to use it with: Team Building, Strategic Visioning/Goal-Setting, Conflict Resolution, Career/Life Coaching and Intercultural Communications.

Once you learn the method, it’s easy to adapt it to other applications. Find out more about the VisualsSpeak Method.


ImageSet LiteVSISlite

  • 200 evocative photographs, matte-laminated
  • Zippered carrying case with printed logo
  • User Manual with instructions for conducting various exercises

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Deluxe ImageSet


  • Same 200 images as ImageSet
  • Heavier, sealed edge gloss laminate
  • 4 color-coded plastic sleeves for categories
  • Heavier zippered carrying case with embroidered logo
  • Same User manual as ImageSet



The Art of Facilitation

Facilitation is the art of helping people generate a new story about a desired outcome that is compelling, innovative, aligns with the values of stakeholders, speaks of new possibilities, and gets people excited about future prospects.

Every VisualsSpeak tool has a natural storytelling generator built into it. The images we select for each product are chosen for their ability to help people express, explore and engage in new ways with their stories, which leads them to having more meaningful conversations, deeper insights, greater empathy for their peers, and more clarity about their situation.

Our image-based approach acts as a catalyst for:

  • Connecting old information in new ways
  • Deepening the bonds between members
  • Engaging people right from the start
  • Building trust
  • Making respectful dialogue the norm
  • Listening rather than reacting
  • Surfacing new ideas


Want a different outcome? Change the story!

If you want to change a person, group or outcome, you’ve got to change the story. Our stories can be our best friends or our worst enemies. They can be the guiding light that steer us toward success and fulfillment or they can be the roadblock that keeps us from serving our best interests.

Every individual and group has a story that is told about who they are and how they came to be. Teams that are stuck or not functioning at full capacity have stories about being stuck in conflict, or lacking ideas, or not being a good mix, etc. When these stories are told over and over they become self-fulfilling.

You have to see it before you can change it

Before any change can be made, the underlying story has to be examined closely because people can’t change what they can’t see. The ImageSet will help your groups understand their story in a way they never could before.

What can the ImageSet help you with?

Getting people participating from the first minute
Photographs have a natural way of engaging people. It happens very quickly and without effort on your part. Even without an accompanying prompt, people will start to talk and tell stories when you put the images on the table.

Quickly surfacing the values within the group
Another interesting aspect of working with images is that, as people share their stories, they inevitably share their personal values. This gives participants an opportunity to know each other on a deeper level, understand what motivates them and the lens in which they see the world.

Building trust and respect among participants
Creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is foundational to any successful group process. This will happen in a number of ways while using the ImageSet.

Participants understanding each other’s personal values is part of it. The VisualsSpeak Method gives each person the opportunity to participate and the option of not sharing or passing, which people find empowering. Our method also incorporates respectful listening and questioning. All of these serve to increase the trust and respect members feel for each other (and you as the facilitator).

Generating ideas today to solve tomorrow’s problems
Visioning and strategic conversations are where the ImageSet really shines. The tool helps people see their situation in new ways, get away from surface solutions and generate new strategies.

Another way of looking at strategic conversations, and where this tool excels, is that these conversations are about visioning new stories that help groups get from where they are to where they want to be. The end goal is to create a story that is compelling, helps people see where they fit in, aligns with the values of stakeholders and generates enthusiasm for future possibilities.

Embedding team building throughout every process
Even if team building is not the focus of your program, there are elements of team building built into every exercise you do. You need to build and deepen empathy among peers, develop trust, create an atmosphere of respectful dialogue, and connect people at more than a surface level.

Helping people embrace transition and change
The ImageSet is an excellent tool to use whenever a group is dealing with a transition or change such as: identifying or embracing new goals, seeing members come or go, working with another culture, etc.

Exploring conflict in a safe way
A fascinating thing happens when you use images to deal with conflict: instead of people putting all their focus on the other person, they will direct it toward the images while talking about the conflict. This has the effect of diffusing the energy around the conflict, helping people to express themselves less emotionally. They are then able to see and hear the other point of view more clearly.

The end result is that opinions and feelings can be aired in a way that allows for problems to be solved.

The ImageSet is the most versatile facilitation tool you’ll find anywhere. Try it and you will experience what thousands of others around the globe already know: using the ImageSet helps groups take leaps in achieving their goals. Quickly. Consistently. Reliably.

What’s Included?

ImageSet Lite

  • 200 evocative photographs, matte-laminatedVSISlite
  • Detailed sizing, color-coding, and descriptive information on the reverse of each image
  • Zippered carrying case with printed logo
  • User Manual with instructions for conducting various exercises:
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Career and Life Coaching
  • Intercultural Communications


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ImageSet Deluxe

  • Same 200 images as ImageSetVSIS
  • Heavier, sealed edge gloss laminate
  • 4 color-coded plastic sleeves for categories
  • Heavier zippered carrying case with embroidered logo
  • Same User manual as ImageSet




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