Visual Icebreaker Kit

Visual Icebreaker KitNeed an icebreaker that won’t let you down?

One that is:

  • Simple to learn?
  • Easy to apply?
  • Flexible?
  • Can be done fast?
  • Fun?

And most of all, is a productive use of your time AND contributes to the goals of your group?

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Meet the ideal icebreaker tool!

The Visual Icebreaker Kit is the most versatile icebreaker tool you will find anywhere. It can be used for icebreaker, energizer and reflection exercises. The processes are fun, engaging and will increase the participation level of your groups. Not only will it greatly reduce the chances of you hearing comments about boring or time-wasting icebreakers, people will look forward to the next time you use the tool.

Want to try the Visual Icebreaker Kit before you buy?

We have an online sample version where you can actually do an exercise. After you complete the process, you will be able to read the wide variety of responses other people have given. It’s fun, fast and easy to do! No sign-up is necessary.
Try the Visual Icebreaker Kit

What’s in the Kit?

  • Dozens of icebreaker, energizer, and reflection exercises
  • 36 photographs optimized for icebreaker activities (3.5″ x 5″)
  • Weighs less than ½ pound
  • Ideal for groups of 8 – 10 people
  • Facilitator Guide with step-by-step instructions, plus:
    • Getting started overview for jumping right in
    • Selecting the right activity ‘how-to’ ideas
    • Assessing your audience tips
    • Debriefing the exercise questions throughout

And for only $39, your small investment will yield big returns for a long time to come.

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  Small to Medium Group
Up to 8-10 Participants per Kit
Printed Tools Only

1 Visual Icebreaker Kit


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Digital Interactive Tools Only

Online Interactive Participant Sets (from 1 to 20 participants)
Bonus Applications for Team Building, Leadership Development, and more!

Online Resource Center (manuals, tips, training)

$45 per month after first month

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Printed & Digital Interactive Tools Combo

Printed Visual Icebreaker Kit
ImageCenter Web Tool
Online Resource Center

$45 per month after first month

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What if you don’t like it?

Give it a try, and if you don’t like it, contact us within 30 days of purchase. Send it back, and we’ll refund your money. No hassles.

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