Can an Image Paint a Thousand Words?

Here’s what’s interesting about the brain.  It relies on memories to develop our values and belief systems. I had to think about that at first because my initial reaction was, don’t I decide what [...]


Getting to know co-workers better

Kathryn works for a regional mental health agency, alongside a team that has been together a long time. Even though they’ve been a group for a while, the pressure and pace of the work [...]


Why Use Images?

How do the images get such better results than traditional verbal-only or verbal+writing approaches? What are the benefits of using images?


Picking the 'Right' Images

With VisualsSpeak, participants often struggle with finding the right images. It probably means they need to think about it differently.


VisualsSpeak versus Collage

When people see the VisualsSpeak process for the first time, or they look at our web site, one question that often comes up is about how it differs from collage. One artifact of the VisualsSpeak [...]


Big Questions in Little Time

In a recent interview, Christine Martell talks about how to ask big questions when you don't have much time.


Eliciting Meaning Through Visuals…and Pantyhose?

In a recent interview, Christine draws the link between VisualsSpeak and pantyhose.


A Problem with Fad Leadership Development

Some fad tools are very narrow, yet promise to be comprehensive. Here's a recent interview excerpt on the topic.


How Facilitation is like Cooking

In a recent cooking zen-like state, it occurred to me how much it's like good facilitation.


Visuals and Multi-Cultural Environments

Recently, Christine offered insights on how visuals work in a cross-cultural context.


Getting Beyond The Stories

In this excerpt from an interview, Christine talks about using images to get beyond our regular stories.


Asking Better Questions

In a recent call, Christine talked about questioning strategies. Here's an excerpt.


Debriefing the Conversation

We look at the seventh and final step in the VisualsSpeak process, debriefing.


Applying the Learning

In our facilitation process series, we focus on applying the learning.


Assessing the Conversation

We take a look at the fifth step in the VisualsSpeak facilitation process, Assessing the Conversation.


No Substitute for Experience

It always amazes us how important it is to actually experience something -- or somewhere.

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