Creating Sustainable Marketing Practices

In late October we started looking at how we create content for social media. Making a list of all the places we were posting was a wake up call. It was taking a huge amount of effort, and the conversation was scattered all over the place.

As our product offers have grown we thought it would be easier to break off our newest work and put it on a separate website. I post my artwork on my own blog.

The only way I can keep up with it is if nothing happens. No unexpected things that need attention. Those weeks are rare. So I end up working way too many hours trying to keep up.

What sucks up the time?

I need to redesign the way I relate to social media. While it might be ‘better’ to have separate parts of the business with it’s own special messages and branding, I am clear I can’t keep that up. We are too small a company to sustain it.

I enjoy searching out resources and pointing them out to my networks. It can be a slippery slope. I can justify aimless internet wandering as searching for content.

I think of myself as an artist, but in reality I spend most of my time writing. Is there a way I can get more balance between the visual and verbal?

Consolidating and Restructuring

I’m restructuring how our social media and communication happens. I’ve merged newsletter lists, so I am sending out one every two weeks to everybody. We are redesigning our webpages and consolidating our blogs.

We’re deep in the design cave, so you won’t see as many posts as usual.

I’ve found myself trying to follow advice of social media and marketing experts. Only thing is when I do there is no time to do all the other things I need to do to keep the whole business operating. I’m rethinking what sustainable practices look like for MY business. Looking at the metrics. What actually drives revenue? And what are things that might feel good, but don’t help move the business forward?

Hope we’ll uncover answers in the coming weeks……

Creating content for social media

Social media is like a nest of hungry birds that need to be fed constantly

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. I was feeling badly about it, so I started to look deeper at why it was happening. It’s certainly not for lack of things to talk about. We have new products, improvements, and stories to tell.

I started to make a list of all the places I was producing or finding content for.

  1. The VisualsSpeak biweekly newsletter
  2. The Exploring New Options newsletter
  3. The VizPeeps Community newsletter
  4. The VisualsSpeak blog
  5. The Exploring New Options blog
  6. My Christine Martell blog
  7. The VizPeeps community blog
  8. my Facebook page
  9. The VisualsSpeak Facebook page
  10. my twitter 
  11. VisualsSpeak twitter
  12. Our print gallery
  13. Our Zazzle gallery
  14. Google Plus
  15. my Linked in page
  16. iPad for Art page
  17. Creative Facilitation and Coaching page
  18. Unstick your Stories Using Visuals page

This does not include the work I create for our products, classes, workshops, and presentations.

What am I thinking?

I like social media. I enjoy connecting with people all over the world. I love to spread the word about what my fabulous customers and colleagues are doing. I know it’s a way to reach out and market my products and services.

It’s also incredibly time consuming. While I can produce images pretty quickly, words come much slower. I can almost keep up if nothing out of the ordinary happens and I work seven days a week. Of course things out of the ordinary happen all the time, and I get really grumpy when I try to work that much.

I am not superwoman

Now I have to stop trying to be. I’ve got to find a way to consolidate and simplify. While it’s nice to have topics on separate blogs and in different newsletters, I’m looking for a way to integrate them. I don’t know how yet. I just know I need to find a new way.

How do you manage all your social media channels?

I’m using tools to help me like Hootsuite, Diigo, and Timely. It feels like I need to rethink the whole system, to look at a system where I can be consistent that is sustainable without spending so much time.

Have any suggestions? How do you think about managing social media on top of running your business?