Can an Image Paint a Thousand Words?

Here’s what’s interesting about the brain.  It relies on memories to develop our values and belief systems. I had to think about that at first because my initial reaction was, don’t I decide what I believe?  Nope.  My brain has an active role in determining what I believe based on what I remember.  Of course […] Click to continue reading »

Building Great Teams One Image at a Time

What do pinterest, tumbler and facebook have in common with VisualsSpeak? Images.  Visuals.  Pictures. Over the last year, we’ve seen the popularity of visuals rise.  From Pinterest to infographics, images are everywhere. The reason is simple.  Images are highly effective. That’s what makes VisualsSpeak tools so powerful. The ability to “paint a thousand words” in […] Click to continue reading »

Artrain’s challenge

As part of the VizThink 08 conference, philanthropic partners were selected to take part. One of those selected was Artrain USA. For thirty seven years Artrain has brought artwork to rural communities around the country in an antique train. “Artrain USA is America’s Hometown Art Museum. A nonprofit organization, its mission is to enrich lives […] Click to continue reading »