This is an opportunity to come together with like-minded women for the purpose of connecting, creating, and celebrating the moment in a group that honors where you are right now.

Are you ready to recharge your energy and reconnect with your creative power?

Unplug from the busyness of your life. Give yourself a break from fixing what you think may be broken (never mind what the latest “be perfect” fad says we should do!) and allow yourself to relax, recharge, and wake-up your creative muse.

Wake up your creativity

Creative activities will offer a variety of methods for looking at where you are now, what you need and desire, insights into what’s next, and ideas for invigorating your creative side.

We all know some of our best ideas often come when we least expect them, like when we’re taking a hot shower. How can we intentionally create more of those times in our lives? How can we give our creativity and our innate brilliance the time and space it needs to continue expanding? Together, we’ll explore different scenarios, stimuli, and perspectives for tapping into our creative power.

During your “unplugged” weekend, you’ll get to choose from activities like these:

  • Walking on the beach
  • Hiking on Cascade Head
  • Reading or writing in the peace of your own space  
  • Gazing out at the ocean from your room

We’ll come together to do exercises designed to stimulate your creative side:

  • Group activities with intention, meaning, and a dash of wild & whacky fun
  • Art projects like drawing & painting with traditional materials or on the iPad and creating sculptures from found objects on the beach — no art experience necessary, let your creative muse out to play!
  • Writing from different angles and prompts as a path to discovery
  • Meditation and Qigong as a conduit to your inner voice

No prescribed fixes, no formulas for a perfect life…we promise!

Women Unplugged offers:

  • Time for thoughtful reflection
  • Creative inspiration  
  • Replenishing conversations
  • Activities designed to recharge your energy and reconnect with you


Friday, September 21 – 7:00 PM until Sunday September 23 at 3:00 PM


Nordic Oceanfront Inn in Lincoln City, Oregon with  “Oregon coast character” and ocean front rooms starting at $99.

Make your reservations directly with the hotel at and ask for the “women unplugged retreat” rate.

Offered by:

Jalene Case
Owner, Spark Training & Development

Encouraging people to pay attention to the sparks of inspiration that will help them create a life they love is what energizes me. This is my life’s work! My big, big vision is to travel the world teaching, facilitating, and speaking on all kinds of topics relating to empowering people to create lives they love.  Here’s what I have packed in my backpack for the journey: Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, Master’s Degree in Education focused in Organization and Human Resource Education, 30+ years of business experience, owner of Spark Training & Development, enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, stick-to-itiveness, and a strong desire to teach and learn forever. Along the way, I’ll be sailing, motorcycling, hiking, making art, and asking people I meet questions about their lives because I love hearing how people have woven their lives together. For the last four years I’ve loved being the Program Manager for the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology and am currently serving as the Interim Executive Director.

Facebook ~ Twitter ~ LinkedIn ~ Google+

Christine Martell
Principal, VisualsSpeak

Christine MartellI’ve been facilitating with creative methods for over 25 years. As I talk with my colleagues and customers I keep hearing a yearning for connection, creativity, and space for reflection. Art is the primary place I go for those experiences. The other is nature. So, combining nature and art seemed like the perfect way to reconnect and spend  time with fabulous women.

I bring a lifetime of walking between business and art. I blend an array of art media with the digital. Spending time between the spaces, bringing gifts from one into the other.

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