Create New Conversations with Images

VisualsSpeak is…

  • A visual way of facilitating.
  • We use an extensively tested method for creating images that engage both the creative and analytical parts of each participant.
  • Drawing on 10 years of design-based research, our tools are designed to be 100% effective in creating more engaging processes and outcomes.

Increased participation.

Increased engagement.

Better outcomes.

“VisualsSpeak has provided people with the freedom to speak…” – Carla Sanda, CP, Consensus by Design

Why choose VisualsSpeak?

  • Proven. Our products have consistently produced outcomes for clients.
  • Results. VisualsSpeak’s methods create outcomes that stick.
  • Profitable. Our products create repeat and referral business for clients.
  • Compelling. VisualsSpeak’s products uncover new stories and deeper meanings.
  • Global. VisualsSpeak products have been sold in over 20 countries outside of the U.S.

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Do you work with Organizations and Businesses?

Organizational development consultants and departments, consultants, and educators use VisualsSpeak tools for a wide variety of applications including strategic visioning, cross cultural communication.

Organizational change is complex and involves work across multiple areas. Our bestselling tool for all these purposes is the ImageSet.

Do you work with Individuals, one-to-one?

Coaches, counselors and therapists use VisualsSpeak tools for working with clients. Our clients report that their clients consistently surface new stories and work beyond old stories to surface deeper meanings and stronger outcomes.

Users have had outstanding results using the Exploring New Options deck to work on personal growth, business coaching, career counseling, personal counseling, and even business consulting.

Do you work with Teams and Groups?

Facilitators, trainers, consultants and educators use VisualsSpeak tools for getting meetings off to a strong and relevant start.

Groups get stuck. There are individual and collective stories that are told over and over again about the situation. Parts of those stories are useful, but when you’re stuck, those stories won’t give you forward momentum.

Get your next group meeting off to a strong start with our new Building Great Teams System.

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  • "The VisualsSpeak materials were perfect! Easy to facilitate, the participants instantly grasped the power of the approach, and the conversations were unexpectedly rich. The participants all marveled at the elegance of the approach."

    David Hutchens
    David Hutchens Iconoclast Communications
  • "VisualsSpeak is one of the most dynamic and useful tools that I have been exposed to in several years. It is beautiful, thought provoking, and, as is usually the case with art, takes participants almost immediately to a place that hours of lecture, power point, or handouts could not achieve."

    Carol French
    Carol French Figure 8 Consulting
  • "VisualsSpeak is a powerful tool for letting people share their values, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations across cultures. The great collection of images open up peoples’ minds and let them start intrapersonal and interpersonal dialogue across cultures."

    Miki Yamashita
    Miki Yamashita Reitaku University, Chiba, Japan
  • "The participants were passionate and engaged, laughing and talking during the image selection, and then really humbling in what they made themselves vulnerable to share. We also got so many requests to borrow the ImageSets, we have had to create a calendar to ensure everyone gets their chance!"

    Marcia Burroughs
    Marcia Burroughs Luxottica, Washington, D.C.

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