Will you sell, rent, or share my personal information?

 In VisualsSpeak

This is a question from a subscriber. Thank you for asking. We recently re-wrote our website and the Privacy Policy was left out. OOps. Not good. This is another reason why its important to make it easy for people to ask questions and make suggestions. It keeps us on our toes.

Our VisualsSpeak Privacy Policy is this: We will never rent, sell, share, barter or exchange your personal information with anyone. Your trust in us is just too important to abuse.

Our goal is to build a solid, sustainable business built on the concepts of integrity and service.

Opting Out: We use a professional email service (Constant Contact). If you should no longer wish to receive our emails, at the bottom of every email is an Unsubscribe link. Click it and you are automatically taken off our list. The only way to get back on our email list is to go to our site and enter your email address. You will receive an email asking you click a link and confirm that you want to be on the list.

Fireplace Chains

Opt Out RANT!: I absolutely despise companies that either create hurdles or don’t have options for me to opt out of their email list. It is a common practice and contrary to the anti-spam rules in place. There are all different kinds of tactics employed to not allow a person to opt out. A number of companies have you send a Reply email. Most often they are not acknowledged and don’t end up taking me off the darn list. Some of them say that it will take 7-10 business days to complete the process. This is RUBBISH!

In the 21st century, professional email subscription services give the power to the subscriber to control which companies/orgs they want to receive info from. Period. Its as simple as that. There are no excuses for not giving this kind of control to your subscribers.

Blog Subscription: If you subscribe to our blog, your email address and any other info you elect to give is sent to a company called FeedBlitz. They manage subscriber lists for many blogs. We researched them and to the best of our knowledge they are a reputable company with a similar Privacy Policy to our own. Please go to their web page and click on “Privacy” at the bottom of the page to read their privacy policy.

Having said all this, let me ask our readers a question. Before I do, a little background. When I started this post I put the name of our subscriber, who asked the question about privacy, into the post as a way to honor his/her input. Christine and I discussed this and wondered, if indeed, we were violating our own privacy policy by including this person’s name.

How do you the reader feel about this? Is it OK to include a person’s name in a public blog? Should we ask permission from each person first? Let us know what you think.


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