Using VisualsSpeak in corporate training

 In Visioning

An Interview with Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy has been a learning consultant for five years working with the Information Technology area in one of the two largest sports & fitness companies in the world. He introduced the VisualsSpeak ImageSet to his training department as soon as it was available.

How has the VisualsSpeak ImageSet worked as a training department tool?

VisualsSpeak can be used to develop intuiting skills and strengthen dialoguing overall. As users become more practiced in the method, overall communication improves. I have a co-worker who has always given me fits. So much of what I wanted to say seemed too hard to handle directly.Through using VisualsSpeak together, we find it is easier to express ourselves in direct ways. That practice of tapping the deeply felt, describing, and interpreting it for another has carried over into day-to-day communication

How have you been using the VisualsSpeak ImageSet?

We’ve used it three ways so far.

1. In a visioning session with a small team.

A group of four specialists whose work is interdependent.We used VisualsSpeak images to visualize what an inspiring communication environment is like for each person. Then we built a joint image to remind us of our shared aspirations.

2. In a group undergoing transition.

The images helped them to share hard feelings and moods they couldn’t otherwise make available to others. The images of VisualsSpeak became an interstitial space where emotions can inhabit tangible symbols; symbols we can try to understand and begin to work with as we commemorate endings and start looking ahead to what is becoming.

3. In a prototyping session.

Got a group of software developers together and taught them to look for asymmetric approaches to design and problem-solving. For example, pick an image, describe the image, then ask how some of those words describe our process. Another example, pick images that represent user friendly to you. Where does what we do align with these qualities? Where are the opportunities?

What have you learned about the tool?

VisualsSpeak often creates unexpected openings and surprising insights. Being able to adapt in the moment can allow some of those moments to flower. Because VisualsSpeak is so morphic, taking advantage of its full potential encourages the facilitator to mirror that flexibility.

What words of wisdom do you have for others who are considering using VisualsSpeak?

Get it and use it every chance you can get. It is engaging and changes the energy around many kinds of exchanges. People respond to the way it helps them talk.


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