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David Hutchens
David Hutchens

I wanted to report that I just had a fantastic two-day session with a group of education leaders in a Missouri school district. I wove the VisualsSpeak tools throughout the program, using it four separate times over the 16 hours of workshop.
The VisualsSpeak materials were perfect! Easy to facilitate, the participants instantly grasped the power of the approach, and the conversations were unexpectedly rich. The participants all marveled at the elegance of the approach. One of the new superintendents told me that he was going to order two sets so that he could use them with his team.
Thank you for the terrific resource. I’m a believer, and intend to make the VisualsSpeak tools a “go to” resource for every program that I do!

David Hutchens
author and organizational storytelling consultant
Iconoclast Communications

Marcia Burroughs
Marcia Burroughs

Just returned from our annual Leadership Summit and the meeting that included a Visioning exercise using VisualsSpeak. What a resounding success!!

I began with high expectations because an associate had recommended the program so highly; I was thrilled to have our activity far exceed them. The participants were passionate and engaged, laughing and talking during the image selection, and then really humbling in what they made themselves vulnerable to share. Insights and emotions abounded….I look forward to finding new ways to use the images.

(By the way, one of my peers made a great suggestion: Have participants capture their images on their cellphones, and email them to the facilitator, who could then open them and share via an LCD projector on a screen in the front of the room. This would make it easy to share one’s vision with a larger group. Pretty good idea, don’t you think?)

We also got so many requests to borrow the ImageSets, we have had to create a calendar to ensure everyone gets their chance…. Now that’s a glowing review!

Thanks again for not only your wonderful product, by also your personal support. Much appreciated.

Marcia Burroughs
Regional Learning Specialist,
Washington DC, USA

Susanne Taylor
Susanne Taylor

As a coach who works mainly with people in transition, that means I often work virtually. Not only because my clients are physically moving from country to country, but because they need time and space to process all the changes. There are any number of good verbal and visualization methods that work over the telephone. However, I have looked long and hard for something that sticks and gets people excited like tools which are hands on – but can be done virtually.

I have worked with the images from VisualsSpeak and Christine since the inception of the tool. I have trained other coaches and facilitators how to use the tool in person, and over the telephone. It is incredibly exciting to see that the benefits of working with the tool have now leaped to the virtual world!

Christine has been able to transfer not only the imagery, but the experience of choosing the images. This is key, because the process of intentional choice is vital to the process. People connect so quickly and so deeply, no matter what the topic, to the images. Now, with added benefit of being able to move, sort, enlarge and minimize the images, I see people coming to certain realizations even quicker.

The online tool has so many layers of significance that a coach and client can work with. For example, in the previous tool, there was often an image that had great significance, but was already a small size, so it seemed less important in the collage as a whole. Now clients can make an image as big as they need it to be, or as small. That one action, and being able to watch them do it, provides me as a coach so much insight, without the client ever having to say anything.

The other major benefit of working online, is that my client can do the exercise with me present, or on their own at a time that is convenient to them. This is really important when you have to work across several time zones! And the greatest part, is that the end result is the same. People still reach deep insights and tap into emotional pockets that are not accessible other ways. They can take the collage and print it out or save it digitally. That concrete result is another reason this tool is so impacting. It does not disappear when we hang up the telephone!

Susanne Taylor
Founder, CultureFlow
Munich, Germany

Ann Marie Lei testimonial
Ann Marie Lei

The VisualsSpeak ImageSet offers people a way to express themselves without (or beyond) the limitations of spoken language. Using photographs helps to level the playing field between native and non-native speakers and quickly takes people to a deeper level of dialogue. I believe the VisualsSpeak ImageSet is a great facilitation tool and a great value. It allows me to make my programs more interactive without the need to spend a lot of extra time on preparation. I love it and highly recommend it!

Ann Marie Lei
Independent Consultant
Leveraging Differences for Better Organizational Results

Steve Krieger
Steve Krieger

Christine Martell is a true master at using the various VisualsSpeak resources. Every time I speak to her, seeking input or guidance about using VisualsSpeak in a teambuilding or leadership development program that I’m planning for a client, I always leave the conversation with far more knowledge and options that I ever anticipate. Christine consistently helps me identify the optimal VisualsSpeak processes to meet my clients objectives.

Steve Krieger, President
VisionPoint Consulting
Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Cate Brubaker
Cate Brubaker

Every time I work with VisualsSpeak I’m amazed at how quickly a break-through comes, how an unexpected connection is sparked or how a completely new perspective is reached. I’ve experienced this myself, and I’ve witnessed it with my clients – even when they’re skeptical of working with images.

Christine recently led me through a session using the new ImageCenter because I wanted to offer a new service but was struggling to articulate it enough to write a concise sale page. In less than 45 minutes I had a much better understanding of the “heart” of my new service. Listening to the recording of my session then helped me identify key words that had come up in our discussion. Within an hour I’d written the bulk of my sales page (it typically takes much, much longer than that). Spending 45 minutes with VisualsSpeak (and Christine) not only brought me increased clarity, it saved me valuable time. I’m officially in love with the Image Center.

Cate Brubaker
Small Planet Studio
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Lori Silverman Testimonial
Lori Silverman

I just wanted to say how excited I am about yesterday’s meeting. It was my first meeting with my advisory panel and on it was on its way to a humdrum bother of a meeting for everyone until I decided to use Christine and VisualsSpeak.

My biggest anxiety was giving up a full 90 minutes of a two hour meeting just to introduce each other – but that isn’t what we did at all!
I have been gathering groups, committees and boards of directors together since the early 90s and sometimes the rich relationships take the entire year of service to build – just in time to break up the board or committee, retiring old and adding new – the process used to be exhausting!

In just 90 minutes I have the richest understanding of my new advisory panel’s ability to contribute, special attributes, natural leadership and group tendencies, willingness levels, commitment level, level of understanding of the program and most interesting to me – they have a genuine curiosity about each other – and a desire to work together in the future.
Sometimes I have worked for months to glean that kind of knowledge on a team – and almost never got it.

I have to admit biting the bullet and committing 90 minutes of their first meeting to playing with images was risky – I didn’t know them well, and I felt like and they made me feel like I was asking a lot of them just to be there – but WOW – one of them had told me in advance that he would not be able to stay for the entire meeting – so when the meeting finished and I asked why he stayed – he said that he guessed it was a barometer for his interest in the meeting!

I couldn’t have done that with my old agendas “Statement of Purpose, New Business. Yawn, yawn”

Thanks to the team building tool, I think we have eliminated so much of the hidden agenda, anxiety, waste of time kinds of feelings on behalf of the group. Now to keep it going. . . . .

Lori Silverman
Program Manager
Portland State University Professional Development Center

Jenny Bones
Jenny Bones

I had no idea what to expect when I sat down for my first session with the ImageCenter. What transpired over the next hour truly blew my mind. Using this tool was like opening up a portal to my subconscious. My inner self, often ignored or unheard, was clearly providing me with the information I needed to move away from the stuck I had been feeling. The answers were inside me all along! This tool helped me to access that wisdom and take the action I needed to move forward. Not to mention it’s a freakin’ blast! A super-fun tool that facilitates amazing breakthroughs…it might sound too good to be true but I give you my word it’s really THAT awesome! Try it, you will be so glad you did.

Jenny B Bones
Up Your Impact Factor
Royal Oak, MI, USA

Miki Yamashita testimonial
Miki Yamashita

A picture tells a thousand words! The VisualsSpeak ImageSet is a powerful tool for letting people share their values, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations across cultures. A group of ESL students from different countries can share their thoughts without much talking. The great collection of images open up peoples’ minds and let them start intrapersonal and interpersonal dialogue across cultures. VisualsSpeak ImageSet also makes me creative as a trainer.

By using this amazing tool, you as a facilitator can Create playful, Creative, and Collaborative learning environment.
You can witness your intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, which keep going on from the beginning to the end of the workshop.
VisualsSpeak will allow you to keep those images in your mind, and make it available to use on your reflective activities.VisualsSpeak is a quite amazing recording tool in your mind for your transformative learning!
Miki Yamashita
Associate Professor, Reitaku University
Chiba, Japan

Michelle Russell testimonial
Michelle Russell

I just finished my very first paid coaching session using The ImageCenter, and my client loved it! She really appreciated its ease and simplicity–all she had to do was log in and click, and the images were there, pre-selected, for her to play with.

I am not only a new ImageCenter user but also a relatively new coach, so I was delighted at how far we were able to go in just one hour. My client experienced that light bulb “A-ha!” moment of realization a few times, which I attribute about 90% to the power of the images themselves and about 10% to my own skill in “reading” them.

If a complete newbie like me can use The ImageCenter with a client after only 3 short practice sessions, and have my client thanking me profusely at the end of the call and saying that the money for the session was absolutely well spent, just think how insanely useful the tool will be once I have some actual experience under my belt!

Michelle Russell
Practice Makes Imperfect
San Francisco, CA, USA

Wayne Baseden testimonial
Wayne Baseden

I have been teaching students, training employees, and coaching athletes for over twenty-five years, and I have never seen a tool that brings more contextual information forward than VisualsSpeak. VisualsSpeak results are: students have a greater understanding of subject matter, employees have increased knowledge about their colleagues (e.g. behaviors) and teambuilding concepts, and athletes are more concise in goal setting.

Wayne Baseden
Advisor, Portland Community College

Stephanie Carroll testimonial
Stephanie Carroll

I was working with a new leadership team that was formed through a merger. As you can imagine, each individual felt some anxiety and uncertainty towards members from “the other” organization. The goal of our work during the first meeting was to begin to build a new, common vision for the organization. It was clear that before the group would be able to co-create together, some level of trust would need to be established. I needed a way to allow this group to learn more about each other in a non-threatening way. I have found that using images often helps people express their ideas more genuinely, and in a safe way.

To begin the process of trust building, I turned to my VisualSpeaks Image Set and asked that each leader pick two images. One image to represent their personal values, and one to best represent their leadership values. Sifting through the images to make their choices prompted their thoughtful reflection and a deeper understanding of personal beliefs. After the images were selected we gathered together and each person took a turn to share why they picked the visual they did.
The process though simple worked beautifully to deepen each member’s awareness of their own values, and it sparked a rich conversation that ultimately led to the team gaining a greater understanding of who each member was and what they stood for. We highlighted key commonalities and uniquenesses so that the team could build on its strengths.

The exercise set a tone of sharing and candid conversations for the remainder of our work.

Stephanie Carroll, MSOD
Organization Development & Change
Carroll Consulting Group

Joanne VanEvery
Jo VanEvery

Recently, Visuals Speak has launched an online Image Center. This really opened up the possibilities for me. There are free demonstrations, and I attended one.

WOW! That is all I can say about this. Using the images in a mock session during the demo was eye-opening. And the tool itself is so easy to use I could actually imagine using it with clients.

The thing I most want to help you with is helping you have the academic career you’d really like. That means cutting through all the static created by obligations and rumours about obligations to identify what your personal scholarly goals are. Then we can work out how to pursue those while still meeting your professional obligations.

Well, I’m telling you that Image Center tool is going to make that first part so much better. I can see how images could help spark things that words are struggling with. And I have a way of working with you even when we are kilometres away from each other.

Jo VanEvery
Helping you be a better academic
Ottawa, Canada

April Lewis
April Lewis

Let me be very clear – I LOVE VisualsSpeak.  I think it is the most creative, innovative and effective facilitation tool I have found in the last 5 years. I have used various components in many sessions with a wide variety of people and groups.  I have had success in every occasion, from team building with happy and productive teams to managing conflict with very broken teams.  Of all the tools in my trainer toolbox, VisualsSpeak offers more  flexibility and creativity than any of the others. The possibilities are endless.

As an added bonus, as if the tools weren’t enough, this organization offers you the best resource of all – Christine Martell.  In all my years in this field, I have had the privilege of working with many highly skilled and passionate practitioners, and I put Christine at the top of that list.  She is both the visionary and creator of this instrument, but also the most experienced user.  When I am fortunate enough to attend one of her sessions,  her passion, vision and creativity, combined with her generosity of spirit, ensure that I will leave the session with new ideas and new perspectives of what is possible using this methodology.

Completing a recent session on inward leadership, I left feeling like I had increased my capacity as a facilitator, but also that I came out a better person than when I went in. The pictures are so alluring and Christine’s insights are so uncanny that when she asks just the right question, with just the slightest bit of willingness, you can have a personal transformation under the guise of learning to use the tools. I love that the sessions are interactive and practical.  She simultaneously takes you through and teaches you to facilitate an activity in an elegantly simple way.  If you are not familiar with VisualsSpeak, I highly recommend becoming acquainted with it.  If you already know about the tool, I also recommend that you treat yourself to an update by taking one of Christine’s classes. For a very reasonable financial investment, you can reap great rewards and be inspired at the same time. I wouldn’t normally endorse a product but I have no reservations in offering my full support and endorsement to Christine and her fantastic work with VisualsSpeak.

April Lewis

Carol French
Carol French

I just read April’s glowing endorsement, and though she took a lot of the good stuff, I’ll try to add a few lines of my own…..

VisualsSpeak is one of the most dynamic and useful tools that I have been exposed to in several years.  One of the best features of Christine’s work is its vibrancy and wide range of uses.  It is beautiful, thought provoking, and, as is usually the case with art, takes participants almost immediately to a place that hours of lecture, power point, or handouts could not achieve.  It does so in an almost stealthy way, in that participants are drawn into the photographs and are instantly willing to talk about them, and themselves, usually without resistance.  It is almost magical.

Aside from the brilliance inherent in the tools themselves, I can’t say enough about the other benefit of taking Christine’s classes: seeing Christine in action.  Christine’s insights are laser-like, and her instincts are always on target.  She facilitates with great skill, warmth, and humor.  Experienced trainers and facilitators always learn from Christine.

Carol French

Figure 8 Consulting
Portland, OR, USA

Michele Martin
Michele Martin

I’ve been using the Image Center to help clients get clarity about their careers and professional development. It never fails to give people those “aha” moments that drive them to really think about what they want and where they’re going. Much deeper and more satisfying for people to use than more traditional career assessment tools. And it works great in both individual and group settings. I love it!

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Christine Martell and the VisualsSpeak products for several years now so I was incredibly excited when she offered me the opportunity to be a Charter member of the VisualsSpeak community with unlimited access to the online Image Center and a a community of like-minded facilitators.

As a small business owner, I’m very careful about how I spend my money and have to think about what investments I want to make in my business to help it grow. To me there’s a difference between something I see as a pure cost of doing business (like hiring an accountant) and an investment–like the VisualsSpeak Image Center and community.

For me, the Image Center is an investment in building the capacity of my business. I’m able to offer an amazing service to my clients–the ability to explore their career and professional development using images–for  minimal cost.  The way I figure it, that’s just over $1/day for a service that gives me a great return on investment with my clients.

Membership for me is really a no-brainer. The service expands my capacity with clients, gives me a unique position in my market as a provider of this service, and for an amazing price. Not really sure what else you could ask for!

Michele M. Martin
The Bamboo Project

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Maria Pfeiffer testimonial
Maria Pfeiffer

I used the VisualsSpeak ImageSet last year for two Lupus Foundation of America (LFA)-sponsored support group leader trainings (Seattle and Portland) and I am scheduled to do two more group sessions, one lupus in Tacoma and one for the Scleroderma Foundation in Bend. The activity was really a great ice breaker and it helped us all to begin focusing on the purpose of the training. Using these images helped the participants to recognize just how complex the concept of “support” is from one person to another. In small groups, teams put together collective collages that answered the framing question “What is support?” It was amazing to watch those who were more talkative practice listening and those who were more reserved open up more. Lots of laughter, some tears and plenty of sharing that made the rest of the full-day of training a little less overwhelming.

Maria A. Pfeifer
Wellness Facilitator and Wellness Doula
My Life Works Today!

Yolanda Facio

The most exciting part of using the ImageCenter with my clients is the added flexibility it offers. As a business coach and strategist, one might think using visual tools would be unnecessary to the process of strategizing marketing plans and organizational plans.

You’d be wrong.

It adds a whole new level to what I can accomplish and what I can design on the fly for my customers. I hear their internal unspoken needs much more clearly which allows me to modify action items to fit their work styles.

For the client it’s a way to lighten the somewhat somber task of getting momentum. I use their created visual as a map pointing out things I’d like them to remember as we move through the process of growing and building their businesses. It’s one more lens that creates a more efficient, productive and positive work session.

Yolanda Facio
Red Hot Momentum
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Carla Sanda testimonial
Carla Sanda

As a professional facilitator, I work with broad cross-section of entities and individuals, ranging from highly technical nuclear scientists to blue collar workers – and everybody in between! Although most people are comfortable in a group setting when asked to talk about “safe” subjects, that is not typically the case if participants are asked to dig a bit deeper to uncover and discuss sensitive issues or problems. However, without exception, VisualsSpeak has provided people with the freedom to speak – even on difficult topics.

I have used them as a simple icebreaker (ask participants to pick a photo that depicts what they bring to the team – and share the photo and their thoughts during the introduction) – but I have also used them as a technique to help individuals voice problems (e.g., pick a photo that best depicts what is happening the room right now ; pick two pictures: one that best reflects how your organization functions today and one that reflects how you would like it to function; pick a photo that portrays the climate that exists between union and management). Using pictures provides a safe avenue for individuals to share sometimes surprisingly candid perspectives – and can actually draw out ideas from those individuals who typically “sit with their arms crossed – and mouth closed”!

VisualsSpeak is a key part of my facilitation tool kit – the more I use it, the more uses I find for it!

Carla Sanda, CP
Consensus by Design

Brittany Faulkner
Brittany Faulkner

Christine Martell is a consummate educator, a trainer’s trainer, facilitator and expert in the field of visual facilitation. Not only does she bring years of experience and research to her work but a generous spirit and care about the people she serves. Her products are outstanding and her support for using them effective and spot on.

Brittany Faulkner
With Britt

Nitya Waklu
Nitya Wakhlu

Christine Martell facilitated a visioning session for Oregon ODN with her visual tools and we were totally blown away by the results. The use of VisualsSpeak made the process so much more creative. It allowed each one of us to access and speak from a much deeper and more intuitive space. It also helped that we actually “saw” what each person’s vision was. We ended the day with great results and accomplished our goal in a much shorter time than we normally would have.  I highly recommend Christine and her visual methodology to any leader who wants to take his/her team to the next level of greatness.

Nitya Wakhlu
Nitya Wakhlu Innovations

Oregon Organization Development Network VP of Communications
Portland, OR, USA

Greg Sievers
Greg Sievers

Prior to Christine Martell’s facilitation of OODN visioning process, I had no idea that photos and specific images would help me articulate much more quickly (via my right brain), rather than doing the typical left brain, text-based word-smithing.  I often get frustrated with attempting to develop just the right words for what I’m trying to say and it takes so much time.  Often I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  Coupled with several  people trying to brainstorm at the same time & the time becomes much longer and the frustration grows more intense .  With the Visual Speaks tools I was able to articulate in minutes what I typically would spend hours deliberating over.   I highly recommend the Visual Speaks image tools to all facilitators and change agents in all organizations!

Greg Sievers
Oregon Organization Development Network Past President and VP of Programs
Portland, OR, USA

Rob Dodson
Rob Dodson

Whether the goal is to lay the foundation for a great team or, as in our case, to create a juicy vision, it is all too common to see group energy dissipate in trying to get the words right.  It’s like letting the air out of a balloon.   VisualsSpeak image tools leap over this problem by giving each person an opportunity for creative self-expression, regardless of their verbal skills.  It’s fun.  The effect on the group is energizing.   Yes, the words may ultimately need to be parsed onto paper.  But it is so much easier once everyone has a clear picture of what’s desired.   VisualsSpeak tools work.  Our new,  value proposition is getting a “thumbs-up” from our members and we’re seeing spikes in our roster and audience numbers.

Rob Dodson
Oregon Organization Development Network President
Portland, OR, USA


Susan Zabriskie
Susan Zabriskie

 While I have always used highly interactive activities during training, without VisualsSpeak learners don’t bring forward the same level of insights and discussion. They also don’t connect with each other to the same degree as when using VS.

How have our tools enhanced your business or professional services?

I have been using VisualsSpeak for about 2 years now. I use the images across all of the work I do: corporate training, professional speaking, consulting, facilitating and academic teaching. I have used the images with CEOs, executive teams, engineers, managers, employees, and university students. It gives me a unique tool that allows for a deeper level of engagement for participants. I believe it has allowed my clients and students to see my services as being “out of the ordinary”. They always comment on how much they enjoy using the images.

How have your clients or participants benefited?

First, using the images is just plain fun! They engage learners in a way that they haven’t usually experienced before. I have used them in a variety of ways: from simple ice-breakers to goal planning sessions with executive teams. I often incorporate them into my training sessions asking teams to use them to illustrate concepts or ideas from brainstorming sessions. The images always spark greater interest because people interpret them in many different ways and participants enjoy gaining insights into their peers’ thoughts and perceptions. This often generates deeper discussion. Learners also, of course, gain greater insight into themselves.
This is particularly true with emotional intelligence work, whether I’m using them in a one-on-one coaching session or with a group. Having them identify a difficult personal situation, and then represent the coinciding emotion with images is very powerful. When they find the right image, it resonates with them and allows them to better verbalize and express both the experience and emotion through the sharing of the image. We also discuss what the underlying trigger was for the emotion and find corresponding images to illustrate this. In addition to enhancing the learner’s or client’s experience, It creates a bridge to the listener, who often becomes more engaged on the receiving end.

How does VisualsSpeak give you an edge?

As I mentioned above, I think people see my work as more unique, insightful and memorable. They often comment on evaluations about how much they enjoyed using the images as well as the insights they gained into others. While I am always looking for ways to use VisualsSpeak, I am cognizant of not seeing every training and facilitation as the “nail” that always gets hammered in the same way. If I overuse the tool it won’t remain as unique, so if I’m doing repeat work or have return participants, I’ll stagger and vary how I use the images

Susan Zabriskie
Performance Works LLC
Portland, OR, USA

Tabitha Davis testimonial
Tabitha Davis

We have been using the VisualsSpeak ImageSet in a variety of ways. As the Youth Services Specialist for the City of Olathe, I go to the Juvenile Detention Center and speak on issues of Diversity and Self-Awareness. VisualsSpeak has been extremely powerful in bringing out the young people’s thoughts, feelings, and an overall sense of clarity of who they really are.The response has become so strong that many of the kids are trying to get in to the class, because it is really identifying and creating strategies for these young people to handle the issues they are facing.

We are also using it in a program called, “Make a World of Difference”. This program takes persons through a series of activities that probes how we deal with issues such as gender, orientation, race, religion, creed etc. When we began using the VisualsSpeak ImageSet, we knew from the SIETAR conference that it was a powerful tool, but were not prepared for the astounding response we have received from persons participating in our programs.

Another way we use the product is with training Mentors taking student interns for a year long.

Tabitha Davis
Youth Services Specialist
City of Olathe, KS, USA

I am on the Adult Formation Council at my church and I pulled out the Visual Energizer in a pinch the other day. The results were amazing!

I had spread the images on the table before the meeting, not expecting to use them, but one never can tell. We were really starting to get off topic and when someone asked to take a break, I jumped in. I requested that over the break everyone choose a couple of images that meant to them the mission of the council. That was the topic that we were supposed to be talking about but never could seem to get there.

When we got back, I encouraged them to pair up for discussions then had each person explain one of their partner’s images. I had someone else write these ideas down and from that we ended up with a great Mission Statement. It was so simple and perfect: “Helping people discover and use their spiritual passions.” Wow!

Everyone also got a taste of a non-traditional learning style and they loved it. Since the entire council is made of Boomers and Veterans with me as the only Xer, it helped to get them thinking in directions other than lectures and book discussions. I’m looking forward to a rewar

Thanks so much. I look forward to using it more and spreading the word about your fabulous tools!

Bonnie Crowder
Adult Education Council Member
Christ Church Cathedral
Houston, Texas

Kelly Orehovec
Kelly Orehovec

At first I was scared to use the tool (VisualsSpeak ImageSet) because I had never facilitated with anything like it. We took a chance with our Senior Management team to talk about vision. They LOVED it! We have used the tool with all levels of our organization–from the senior level team to sales teams, marketing, manufacturing employees, and restaurant employees. All of the different work groups like the process and feel like they have gotten their goals met by the end of our sessions. Our teams benefit, because they get to use their brains in ways that their work never allows them to do. This proves to add an element of curiosity and attention.

The VisualsSpeak ImageSet gives us an edge, because we come to ideas in a collaborative way that allows everyone to buy into. When there is buy-in, the results of the changed behavior are long term.

Kelly Orehovec
Pyramid Breweries
Portland, OR, USA

Kathryn Reder
Kathryn Reder

Visuals Speak is so easy to use and gets satisfying, useful information every time. I have used the VisualsSpeak ImageSet in several different kinds of therapy groups as ice breakers. Ice Breakers seems like such an elementary concept that would reveal a little extra about a person or just skim the surface. But it goes much deeper than that.

I have prefaced the groups with “Tell us who you are” or “Tell us about yourself” and turned them loose with the VisualsSpeak set. Beforehand, I will often give some examples to gear them toward thinking metaphorically. After each person shares with the group their “collage”, I paraphrase back to them what they have said and ask them to expand on a few points that may add more information or ask them if they see any connections between images they might not have seen earlier. The paraphrasing and questioning has a strong impact in that the person usually feels heard, understood and appreciated.

Because I have modeled genuine interest and respectful inquiry in this process, this sets the tone for the development of the group culture. Over the weeks or months the group runs, group members will refer back to their and other’s collages. The collages expand the context for learning by connecting personally relevant visual information to group content.

Kathryn Reder, LPC, CADCII
(Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor)
Portland, OR, USA

Jody Lentz
Jody Lentz

I have used a wide variety of facilitation tools in my career, and I have found VisualsSpeak ImageSet to be the most effective and efficient process I have encountered for people to engage with each other. VS offers a familiar set of materials and well-thought-out process to catalyze a group’s creation of a shared understanding about themselves, their team, their organization and the challenges / opportunities they face.

VS provides an outlet for right-brain thinking and experiential learning in a business world dominated by analytical and technical language and activity. Tapping the creativity inside everyone gives my clients a more holistic look at their project, company and world; the fact that they are building those meanings themselves gives them ownership (and energy!), and makes my job much easier.

VS also taps into the story-teller in each of us, and that powerful format helps clients transmit their goals and missions to staff, partners and customers. VS has definitely given me an edge in my work in branding, because the clients are now able to tell me what their story is, rather than depending on me to develop something for them. Additionally, facilitation tools like this are mostly unknown in the jaded marketing world, so I have a competitive advantage that accelerates development — oops, maybe I shouldn’t let my secret out… 😉

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing the VisualsSpeak ImageSet to the market — it is a powerful tool that I have seen work over and over in a wide variety of situations. I can’t wait for the next time!!

Jody Lentz
Nashville, TN, USA

Jean Bonifas
Jean Bonifas

The VisualsSpeak ImageSet is the only tool  I know of that enables my clients to quickly access fundamental values and to experience self-generating insight in the expression of those values.

My training clients want to have fun, gain personal insight and take away at least one idea or action that can shift the results they’re getting in the workplace. The VisualsSpeak Image Set meets all three of these criteria. The fact that I can customize VisualsSpeak activity’s focus increases its relevance to the topic and to the particular interests of participants. VisualsSpeak makes me look good!

Jean Bonifas
Springboard Northwest
Corvallis, OR, USA

Janie Selby testimonial
Janie Selby

I recently purchased the Visuals Speak Image Set and have been using it on a regular basis. The tool is powerful and can be easily applied to any training or coaching situation. Without exception I have received positive feedback from my clients especially when it comes to helping them gain new insight and clarity. I consider it an invaluable tool.

I like using the tools where things can get highly charged and emotional because it discharges and depersonalizes it. It’s a lot easier to back up and get clarity because you get body language clues as people work with the images. This provides a safety net when working with coaching individuals and small groups.

Janie Selby
Certified Professional Coach
Grace Associates

Lynda Baker
Lynda Baker

I have successfully used postcards, artistic images from calendars and magazine photos to stimulate conversations among participants in many North American as well as international meetings I have facilitated. They are great tools to build bridges between people, to open doors to difficult conversations and to create a platform for dialogue in ways that words simply just can not touch.

So when I saw the VIsualSpeak photographs I was like a kid in a candy store. Wow – a whole new level of possibilities opened up for my practice. Because each photograph has been created precisely because it is evocative – its like they come with little insurance policies attached to them!

Now instead of selecting images that I think are going to stimulate a conversation I am using ones that consistently give participants a window to a new perspective for them and the people they are interacting with.

Lynda Lieberman Baker
Austin, TX, USA

Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips

Prior to learning about Visual Speak during my organizational training exercises I always felt that a void existed for most people to adequately describe a given team, organizational direction or how they would view a given issue. The words did not flow freely and because of the lack of trust that may exist in an organization words were protected!

Once I started using Visual Speak to help people describe situations they seemed to open up and use words freely to describe the picture and their meaning of the picture. Because it was their “opinion” they were more open and honest.

I have just begun to understand the power of the pictures to open up an honest and straight forward discussion.

I would highly recommend the VisualsSpeak ImageSet to anyone involved in organizational work.

Bob Phillips
Consultant, President and CEO
RW & Associates, Inc.
Bend, Oregon USA

Antimo Cimino testimonial
Antimo Cimino

What drew me initially to Visuals Speak is the many parallels with my way of thinking and seeing the world, like in a series of snap shots loaded with meaning. Creating images, or making a collage with many images at hand, provides a safe space for disclosure without disclosure till one is asked to speak about the image. Even then, the person chooses to disclose only what feels comfortable. For me images can facilitate many difficult dialogues, images can speak the unspeakable. Images are a great tool to learn in affective, cognitive, and experiential ways.

Antimo Cimino
Senior Project Coordinator at Oliver Wyman Leadership Development

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